Imagine reaching your destination without the hassle of waiting at airport terminals and baggage reclaim. Imagine flying according to your own schedule. This is the private jet dream, and whether you’re looking for private jet hire, private jet charter or your own private jet it could become your reality.

Private jet hire allows you to enjoy the flexibility, comfort and convenience of your own plane, without the commitment. Forget the chaos of large commercial airport or feeling like just another seat number.

With an air charter service you are guaranteed comfort and calm during and after the flight and a luxurious onboard experience, receiving personal attention from the crew. Children and pets are welcomed aboard too, creating a home from home in the air.

Stratajet: The Future of Flight

Chartering a private jet is getting easier and easier, with a good number of companies offering online quotes in the lightning quick time of ... 24 to 48 hours. In a world where you can buy anythin...

Comlux Aviation: Flying To The Future

If there’s one way to travel that’s incomparable to anything else, it’s by private jet. Taking all the speed and exhilaration of a larger plane with the personal convenience of being able to bypass...

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A Flying Start for Embraer's Legacy 450

No matter how many aerospace specialists claim otherwise, there is no perfect business jet. It all depends what you’re look for, be that luxury, efficiency or trans-continental capabilities. That said, Embraer’s new Legacy 450 is very, very close.

For most, developing a jet from scratch is a daunting prospect. For obvious reasons, most are just...


Tip to Toe: The Arctic to Antarctica by Private Jet

No matter if you want to see the mesmerising splendour of the Northern Lights or to let out your adventurous side by trekking through the strikingly remote landscapes, both the Arctic and Antarctica are undeniably some of the most unique destinations on the planet.

Virtually untouched by human influence, these majestic icy plains are home to al...


Fuss-Free Flying with Air Partner

Flying shouldn’t be difficult; it’s the single most convenient way to travel the world. Yet when it comes to the hassle of booking flights, slogging through the endless airport security checks and inevitable reams of delays, it doesn’t feel it.

Of course, even if you own your own jet things aren’t all plain flying. Making sure your jet is where...


Sea. Sky. Safari: The Modern Grand Tour

It used to be that a grand tour was a rite of passage, a way to experience the world back when that was the only way to learn about different lands and cultures. It’s a tradition we’ve lost over the decades and centuries, especially now Google knows more than you could ever experience.

The one thing that hasn’t changed however is that wanderlu...


The Three Best Mid-Range Jets

Choosing the right private jet can be a minefield. There are plenty to choose from, all offering different distances, speeds, passenger numbers, cabin configurations and more, but you’ll soon regret it if you opt for the wrong one.

It all depends what you’re looking for. If you plan to take your own personal red-eye on a regular basis, you need...


Lux Recommends: Bell 505 Jet Ranger X

When it comes to attending a business meeting in style nothing can compare to arriving by helicopter. Swift, practical, a specialist craft can let arrive quickly and fuss free, zooming over the traffic and ensuring that you always arrive with the first impression you want to give. Of course you'll want a helicopter as intuitive as it is striking...


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