From long established places such as Mortons and The Ivy to newer and artistic places like The Hospital Club, our edit covers members clubs to suit most but all retain a sense of luxury.

Read about how to choose the right members club for you and indulge in an in-depth history of your favourites in our regular editorial.

The Groucho Club: The Original Bohemian Members Club

Even today the mere mention of the words private members club can summon an outdated image of chesterfield sofas and crystal tumblers of whiskey, and whilst those types of clubs still exist for the...

The London Sporting Club: A Truly Exclusive Members Club

There was a time when private members clubs were all about making connections in a unique and intimate environment. Before they became a popular fad and started popping up everywhere, these clubs h...

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Hold Court: The Finest Tennis Clubs

Though the strawberry and cream soaked excitement of Wimbledon may be just a distant hope, tennis is a sport that continues to grow in popularity year after year and for very good reason. Britain is home to some of the world's most important tennis tournaments throughout the year, and though the origins of the raw form of the sport are hazy, it ...


Halloween in London 2015 Part Two: The Sequel

The witching hour is less than a week away, and we couldn't be more excited. As our previous guide to Halloween in the city indicates (you can read it HERE), many of the best establishments and restaurants in the city are going all out this year with lavish costume parties and special tasty treats that honour this night of ghastly good fun.



Win Membership to La Maison Remy Martin

Ye lovers of cognac rejoice, for the beginning of November will see the start of something truly magnificent for aficionados of French brandy.  La Maison Remy Martin is returning to the heart of Soho.

If you weren’t privy to the event last year, La Maison is essentially a private members' club created and run by arguably the world’s most import...


Halloween in London 2015

The witching hour is approaching, and we all know that means a night of terrifying tomfoolery no matter where you choose to go. Though having your own haunted house party may be an option, there’s no denying that when it comes to truly letting the terror reign for the evening going out partying is where you can let our your most devious side. Th...


Lux 5: Best Country Clubs

Although originally a Scottish creation, country clubs have sprung up throughout the world, their relaxed lifestyle and exclusive amenities objects of envy for all those who aren’t a member. Often combining luxurious lodging with a host of sporting facilities, these country clubs have formed the foundation of the country lifestyle, and remain to...


Lux News: La Maison Remy Martin

No matter how much you enjoy French brandy, a four floor townhouse devoted to the appreciation of fine cognac sounds positively Bacchanalian; yet the 3rd of November will see just that in La Maison Remy Martin.

Come the beginning of next month, the prestigious spirit will move from the heart of Cognac to the heart of Soho for the pop-up maison...


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