Golf, shoots and country getaways aplenty beckon across the stormy seas of the Emerald Isle, the ancient glens of Scotland and the quintessentially British manor houses that occupy some of the more beautiful estates in England. The United Kingdom is the perfect place to experience a holiday away from home without the stress of changing currency or even taking a flight. Explore the hidden passages of the ancient Ashford Castle or take a stroll around the extensive grounds of Coworth Park - With forests, coasts, castles and countryside, The United Kingdom and Ireland is an adventure a stone’s throw away from home.

Chewton Glen’s Next Culinary Chapter

As well as being one of the most celebrated countryside hotels in the whole of the United Kingdom, Chewton Glen has always attracted a diverse range of guests entirely due to the culinary excellenc...

Cliveden House: Convenience is Key

It’s no understatement to say that London is the heart and soul of England. A bustling metropolis fuelled by innovation and ambition alike, without the Capital England would be a very different cou...

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New Year, New You at Stoke Park

With the New Year now upon us many of us return to the gym to get our bodies back into better shape and to burn off the Christmas period indulgences, and what better way to do this than to join a health club that is dedicated to making you the best version of yourself possible?

As home to one of the UK’s most highly acclaimed spas, it’s little ...


Afternoon Tea at the Milestone Hotel

Arguably the best aspect of a visit to The Milestone Hotel is how easily you feel that it is a home away from home. With its unimposing size, wood panelled walls and beautifully decorated lounges and rooms, the whole hotel seems like somewhere you have been before as soon as you walk through the door, a sensation I experienced almost instantly w...


Seasonal Celebrations at Chewton Glen

Now that Christmas and New Year are approaching it’s time to make some definite plans. Of course, the festive season always a good time of year to spend at home, but this also means a lot of planning and preparation, huge amounts of work for a couple of events that are meant to be more about spending time together without the added stress. As su...


Christmas at Cliveden House

Now that Halloween is long gone and the last sparks from the Bonfire Night fireworks have settled, it’s definitely time to look towards Christmas. After all, no matter what your thoughts towards the season may be, it’s undeniably one of the most magical times of year and perfect for treating yourself and your nearest and dearest to something spe...


Experiencing A Taste of Cliveden

What truly sets Cliveden apart as one of the finest hotels in the country has to be its celebration of past and present. Though an establishment steeped in history (350 years of it, to be exact) the hotel has also evolved with the times, welcoming innovations and keeping up to date so that every visit is a luxurious experience that artfully welc...


Chewton Glen: Cool for Kids

We all know that finding a luxurious hotel that is also child friendly is easier said than done, especially in the school holidays. After all, no matter how great the restaurant or relaxing the spa, without amenities and activities catered directly for your little ones they can get bored easily and the trip won’t be as much fun for them. As one ...


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