From the gothic façade of the St. Pancras Renaissance to the iconic shimmering sign for the Ritz, London is arguably the finest city in the world when it comes to luxury hotels. The Savoy with its cocktail-defining American Bar, ME London’s monochromatic modernism and Ham Yard Hotel’s design-led chic, service and luxury come together to grant London a reputation the envy of the rest of the world. 

The Groucho Club: The Original Bohemian Members Club

Even today the mere mention of the words private members club can summon an outdated image of chesterfield sofas and crystal tumblers of whiskey, and whilst those types of clubs still exist for the...

Wellness At The Milestone Hotel

We all know that looking after our bodies is important. After all, a healthy approach to life means that you can enjoy it more and have more energy, however knowing where to begin or stopping yours...

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Afternoon Tea at the Milestone Hotel

Arguably the best aspect of a visit to The Milestone Hotel is how easily you feel that it is a home away from home. With its unimposing size, wood panelled walls and beautifully decorated lounges and rooms, the whole hotel seems like somewhere you have been before as soon as you walk through the door, a sensation I experienced almost instantly w...


Living Like a Local at the Milestone

With its superlative view across Kensington Park and the innate magnificence of the hotel itself, The Milestone epitomises the kind of boutique grandeur Red Carnation hotels are renowned for. The small number of guests – a relative handful when compared to London’s many legendary hotels – allows each to have lavished upon them a superlative leve...


Pampering on Park Lane at The Club

When walking around Oxford Street you would think it would be the last place on earth to find any peace and quiet. One of the busiest areas in the whole of London and constantly thronging with the hoi polloi of the city, the area is undoubtedly one characterised by its hustle and bustle, the shoppers, the tourists and everyone between causing a ...


The Milestone Hotel: A Milestone Apart

Like a fine wine, Staying in a hotel is an experience that only gets better with age. When you are a mere child, the exciting prospect of staying in a new room with a magical fridge that provides ‘free’ snacks, is like a birthday and Christmas combined. Then as you get older the responsibilities of adult life such as having to cook, clean, and t...


Riverside Refinement: The Royal Horseguards Hotel

As iconic as it once was necessary to the very survival of London, the River Thames is still a feature of the city that is integral to the very way of life we live. Offering some of the most beautiful sights in the whole capital, it’s endlessly flowing waters have become an attraction in itself and no other hotel in the city has better sights of...


A Night Under The Stars at Hotel 41

It’s no understatement to say that a stay at Red Carnation’s hotel 41 is always something special. One of the most celebrated boutique hotels in London, 41’s close proximity to Buckingham Palace and rich heritage has made it an establishment filled with character and a quaint British charm, instantly allowing guests to submerge themselves into a...


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