Experience sight and sound like never before with the best in high-end audio and photographic equipment. Whether it’s the sculptural, industry-defining loudspeakers of Meridian or the phenomenal performance of Leica, whose advanced lenses have captured some of the most exquisite photographs in the world, explore what you love like never before.

Wilson Audio: Compact Power

For over three decades Wilson Audio has been pioneering the way that we experience sound. Famed for their gigantic monoliths of speakers that are capable of filling any space with pristine tunes, t...

sonus faber: The Sound of Silence

Opera is arguably the purest form of unadulterated music. With no electronic aid, the swelling of the orchestra and powerful vocals of both leads and backing singers can fill an opera house with ea...

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Leica: Spur of the Moment

Many a professional photographer will insist that in order to get the best shots you need to have patience, discipline and preferably a fully-lit studio space. For the amateur photographer that’s not entirely possible.  Oh you can certainly be patient and disciplined, but for most of us the best chances for photos are found in the unexpected.



Dan D'Agostino: Gaining Momentum

Throughout his rather expansive tenure in the audio industry, Dan D’Agostino has had more than a passing influence on the development of high definition amplifiers. In fact, it wouldn’t be an understatement to say he’s been one of the most important names in that particular field, both before and since the launch of his eponymous manufacture.



The Beginnings of Goldmund

In 1978, a group of physics students created a tone arm – on the surface, not exactly one of the most impressive starts to a story in the world. But this isn’t just any story of plucky, visionary engineers attempting to redefine the audio landscape; it’s the story of Goldmund.

The Goldmund T3 tonearm was unique. Even though vinyl is cut linearl...


Audio Research's Sonic Solution

Audio Research make the best pre-amplifiers in the world. It’s a pretty bold claim, but one that few have been able to refute throughout their 40 year history. It’s been the case since the 1973’s SP3, a piece of equipment incomparable to anything else available at the time.

It’s a theme that Audio Research have kept ongoing ever since; each new...


Hasselblad: The New Medium

For most uses, a small format camera will be more than good enough. They’re handy, easy to use and don’t require the kind of professional levels of knowledge that other types of camera need. Given how impressively some of them perform, you could be forgiven for not even considering anything larger.

Indeed, when it comes to medium format there a...


Magico: A Decade's Worth of Audio

Magico have come a long way in the last decade, from Alan Woolf’s initial concept into one of the most uncompromisingly excellent names in audio. Both the superlative Q and more accessible S collections have shown a level of high definition understanding that puts Magico firmly in the top tier of reference speakers.

Now they’ve built on that su...


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Hasselblad Lunar Camera, £5,280

Sennheiser HD 700 Headphones, £499.99


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