Cascading oceans of sapphires, thick forests of emeralds and glowing flames of rubies, the world of high jewellery is one of mesmerizing colours and shimmering light. Whether it’s Boodles televised Greenfire suite or Asprey’s whimsical woodland charm bracelets, spectacular diamonds from Harry Winston or the bright colours of Graff’s signature butterflies, it is a world that enraptures with more than the gems themselves, but the artistry with which they are crafted into some of the world’s most precious creations.

Nanis: As Cool As Cachemire

Widely regarded as one of the softest and most extraordinarily tactile substances in the world, cashmere is a material which undoubtedly belongs in the sphere of luxury.  Meticulously created by co...

Miniature Marvels from D’Joya

Miniatures are an art form that has captivated humanity for millennia. Even as far back as the Ancient Roman and Greeks we see there has been a longstanding fascination with things reduced to the s...

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Montblanc for Christmas: Gifts for Him and Her

As one of the leading names in the luxury world it should come as no surprise that Montblanc have a trick or two up their sleeves for the Christmas season. With exquisite timepieces, artisanal leather items, fragrances and writing instruments all forming a key part of the Montblanc identity they are a brand that can cater to all tastes with thei...


Coco Crush from Chanel

In many ways the Coco Crush collection by Chanel was revolutionary when it was introduced in 2015. The first online fine jewellery collection launched by the brand and arguably one of their most iconic, it soon became a selection of jewels coveted around the globe and that’s in no small part down to the distinctly Parisienne style chic of the de...


D’Joya: Avant Garde for Autumn

As seasons change it begs to reason that so too should our jewellery. After all, whilst many pieces are timeless, it is good to have seasonal jewels that really help to embrace the colours or designs for the time of year, accentuating your wardrobe with a precious sparkle of seasonal magic.

The problem with this is that many seasonal pieces of je...


Robinson Pelham: Gemstones and Dreams

A fine jewel is in and of itself a keepsake to treasure; it is by its very nature a precious extension of your personality. But there’s only so much expressionism you can pull off with the kind of jewels you’ll find in any Bond Street window.  To truly reveal your gem-studded inner self, you need bespoke.

There are plenty of houses that offer b...


Cartier Makes Magic

It’s no understatement to say that Cartier have been creating magic for generations. Known as “The Jeweller of Kings” and renowned worldwide for their simply exquisite creations, Cartier have long held the world under their enchantments - an unbreakable spell of beauty that has only been made all the more impossible to resist with the introducti...


Chanel's Plentiful Harvest

Gabrielle Chanel (or Coco as she is most famously known) was a woman who loved many different motifs because of their meanings. A name intrinsically linked to the most glamorous fashion and stunning designs, she often worked these good luck charms into her vision, and if the iconic status of the Chanel label is anything to go by the charms certa...


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