The understated black lacquer of the iconic Montblanc Meisterstück, the extraordinary creations of Montegrappa honouring Elvis Presley, Salvador Dali and Batman, or the natural woods of Graf Von Faber-Castell, your choice in writing instrument says a lot about you as an individual. After all, applying your signature is a momentous moment. It needs a pen to match.

Montblanc for Christmas: Gifts for Him and Her

As one of the leading names in the luxury world it should come as no surprise that Montblanc have a trick or two up their sleeves for the Christmas season. With exquisite timepieces, artisanal leat...

Montblanc: The New Black

There’s something timeless about black. It evokes elegance across clothes, cars and countless objects. It’s also not the most interesting of hues; after all, while blue can conjure myriad images, b...

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Montegrappa: Mightier Than the Sword

Author, journalist, soldier, Ernest Hemingway was one of the most important writers of the 20th century; in history, if you’d believe both the literati and the man himself. But more than that – or at the very least the root cause of it all – he was a man’s man. Between breaking Stephen Wallace’s hand with his jaw and penning numerous books on bu...


The Force Awakens: S.T. Dupont’s Levitating Lightsaber Pen

With the newest box office smash of the series The Force Awakens hitting shelves today on DVD and Blu-ray, we couldn’t help ourselves but have a look at some of the most exciting Star Wars themed merchandise out there.

S.T.Dupont are certainly no stranger to 6the franchise already with their Defi X-Wing and TIE Fighter writing instruments alrea...


Rouge et Noir: 110 Years of Montblanc

Pens haven’t changed all that much over the years. Granted there’s a good amount of distance between the modern fountain pen and a quill, but how exactly have they advanced in the past century? They’ve been refined, enhanced, produced in any material you’d care to name, but when was the last time the humble pen was truly revolutionised?

You nee...


Pop Art in a Pen

Whether you abhor the commercialisation of art or are an avid advocate of the sheer creativity artistic accessibility has released, Andy Warhol’s is an inescapable legacy. Breaking down walls between the general public and the seemingly elitist art scene, he reinvigorated the field with soup cans and dictators.

Even outside of his work he was c...


Pens of the Future, Now

To a fair few of us, pens are a bit of an outdated concept; when even books are being transformed into 1s and 0s, it’s little surprise many of our wrists are unused to the hard graft of handwriting. It’s no surprise then that many pen manufacturers play up to the innate archaism of a pen, creating pieces that seem one step more advanced than a q...


Valentine's Day Men's Gift Guide 2016

With men so notoriously difficult to buy for, we’d understand if you’re still struggling to find that perfect gift for this fast-approaching Valentine's Day. After all, there’s so much out there to choose from it can get overwhelming. Well, consider us your guides through the perilous waters of the world of luxury in preparation for the 14th of ...


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