Forget the delicate floral twirls of women’s jewellery and embrace a fiercely masculine take on the most exclusive of accessories. The glam rock style of Stephen Webster, the playful creations of Theo Fennell and the eccentrically British Stephen Einhorn, the finest men’s jewellers each bring their own unique approaches to the medium. Whether minimal, restrained or downright opulent, men are restricted to a watch and a wedding ring no longer.

Backes & Strauss: Imperial Beauty

There’s a lot of value to a name. Get it wrong and you’ll find it hard to be taken seriously, no matter how exceptional the item in question. Get it right however and you have the makings of an ico...

Sartorial Synergy: Ana de Costa for Rolls-Royce

What would a Rolls-Royce driver wear? It’s a question that, while we’ve not often pondered ourselves, the esteemed marque have evidently been ruminating on. After all, Rolls-Royce aren’t like other...

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Van Peterson: Jewellery Redefined

Jewellery has to be one of the most varied forms of art in the world. Since before history existed we have adorned ourselves with spirals of beautiful metals, gleaming gemstones and materials of natural beauty, giving us millennia of designs and yet in the modern age it’s still hard to find a piece of jewellery that can truly fit with your lifes...


The Making of a Diamond

A diamond is millions of years in the making. Millenia of heat and pressure somehow compress humble carbon into one of the hardest, most valuable and utterly captivating stones on Earth. Of course, all that time hidden under the surface is only the first step; it’s only when it meets centuries of craftsmanship that makes a diamond truly shine.


Harry Winston: Brilliantly in Love

In a perfect world, your wedding day should be the single most important day of your life. It should be both an event to remember and the start of a new stage in the lives of both you and your partner. It should certainly not be a cynical marketing attempt.

Unfortunately, there’s a lot around weddings that gets commercialised; from the flowers ...


Theo Fennell: Guided By The Stars

If there’s one thing that characterises Theo Fennell as a jeweller it’s his passionate approach to beauty. Feeling inspiration from influences as far apart as the railings found in London boroughs to the mysticism of the orient, Theo Fennell has always searched worldwide for ideas that can be transformed by his especial magic, creating pieces th...


Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve

As February the 14th edges ever closer, we’re reminded that sometimes the biggest gestures are those of sentimental value. Extravagant holidays and romantic dinners out may be impressive at the time, but for many people Valentine’s Day is an occasion to be savoured and gifts should be able to be treasured, looked back upon with fond memories whe...


Rock Star Jewellery for Men

It’s a balancing act for any man to get away with jewellery. Unless you’re Kanye West, the likelihood is that you don’t particularly want fingers laden with gemstones or a pendant that draws more eyes than a Lamborghini at full tilt. At the same time, a lot of men’s jewellery tends to be pretty uninspiring. If you’re going to wear something prec...


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