Deep rich notes of sandlewood and oud, touches of Mediterranean citrus, and deep, warming spice – a good fragrance says a lot about the man who wears it. Iconic scents such as Montblanc Legend or Chanel Bleu evoke images, times and places with their fragrance, while the alchemical creations of Roja Dove epitomise the perfumer’s art. Scent is the one thing that stays long after you’re gone. Make it one to remember.

Savoy Steam: The New Fragrance from Penhaligon’s

One of the oldest and most celebrated perfumers in England, there’s no denying that a new release from Penhaligon’s is always something to look forward to. Having recently played on their quintesse...

Fragrance Together from Floris

There’s nothing that is quite as individual as creating your own fragrance. After all, blending your own scent is like defining who you are as a person, the individual notes each forming part of th...

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Bentley: A Rush of Fragrance

When it comes to automotive-inspired fragrance, there’s always a bit of a dubious air, one that has little to do with the perfume itself. It’s like when a fashion house releases a watch or ... . There’ve just been so many misplaced steps in the past that it’s hard to have high expectations. Except, that is, when it comes to Bentley.

The British m...


Portraits From Penhaligon’s: A Quintessentially British Olfactory Fiction

There’s no denying that Penhaligon’s have long been considered one of the most respectable perfumers in England. Scenting the likes of royalty and celebrities alike, their wonderful fragrances have become a solid part of the English identity, a heritage which they are now revisiting with their enjoyable new collection – Penhaligon’s Portraits.



Acqua di Parma: Scent of a Century

Happy birthday Acqua di Parma; few milestones are quite as extraordinary as 100 years old and, while the Italian maison probably won’t be receiving a letter from the Queen, they’re celebrating in their own way. Given their scented predilections that of course means a rather special take on one of their classic fragrances.

Where better to start ...


Penhaligon’s Astral Romance

Throughout Greek mythology there are many love stories, not all of them idyllic. Apollo’s burning desire transforming Daphne into a tree, the tragic death of Hyacinth hit by a discus due to the jealousy of Zephyrus, even Narcissus’ love of himself has a beautiful heartfelt story behind it, however not many compare to the beauty of the tale of En...


The Scent of Adventure: Bentley Infinite Rush

With so much discussion around the new releases at the Geneva Auto Show, it’s probably surprising to be talking about Bentley in any context other than their new, overtly grandiose Mulsanne Limousine. But any release from the marque’s fragrance wing is well worth noting, especially when it’s as exceptional as Bentley Infinite Rush.

We’re unders...


Illuminum: Preserving Haute Parfumerie

It’s a sad truth that the old art of perfumery is dying out in a number of ways. Sure, new fragrances come and go every year, but many of the more modern creations have taken a more synthetic root with their individual notes, abandoning the ancient art of extracting the purest essences from the flowers and woods that form the heart of the fragra...


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