No island paradise of azure water and white beaches is complete without a yacht cruising on the horizon. With long, sleek, multi-tiered vessels from the likes of Sunseeker and Lurssen or a Pendennis-built sailing yacht designed for island-hopping, lounging in the sunshine aboard your private yacht, ready to head wherever you want is sheer bliss. With experts like Burgess Yachts on hand, paradise is within your grasp.

The Many Faces of Pininfarina

The Pininfarina name is at times inseparable from the automotive world, and for good reason. They have after all helped shape arguably the most famous marque in the world over their years working w...

BlackCat: The Catamaran Concept

Mitch Booth knows his way around a catamaran; the Australian sailor won his first championship at the age of seven and has since become an Olympic and Americas Cup veteran, lauded on multiple occas...

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Aston Martin at Sea

An Aston Martin has a lot going for it, performance, luxury and iconic British design foremost among them. One thing the marque is not known for however is being waterproof, let alone oceanproof. Yet now we have a glimpse of an Aston Martin like no other – the AM37 Powerboat.

First off, it’s not entirely Aston Martin’s project. The seafaring ex...


The World's Largest Megayachts

Bigger isn’t always better, but when it comes to superyachts you’d be hard-pressed to argue otherwise. As technology and engineering advance, shipyards are able to build bigger and more expansive yachts than ever before, catering to some of the most demanding individuals in the world in ever more extravagant ways.

Year on year these magnificent...


Anchors Aweigh at the London Boat Show

London’s ExCel centre isn’t exactly the most glamorous of locations – convention centres never are – but this week the docklands’ played host to the ever-glamorous London Boat Show. Even if it’s not quite Monaco, this week has seen many of the world’s most important names in boats and yachting come together for a particularly impressive 62nd ann...


Cruising on By: The Greatest Express Cruisers

Superyachts may be the height of luxury but let’s be fair, they’re not all that practical. If you’re all set for elaborate cocktail parties aboard, all well and good, however if all you need it for is a spot of island hopping then you might want something a little smaller. On the other hand, having a decent-sized berth to sleep through the heat ...


The Sunborn: Gibraltar’s Five Star Yacht Hotel

After staying a few days in Gibraltar, I have to say that it’s a country quite unlike anywhere else. A vivid melting pot of Spanish and British cultures, it is also an extravagant beacon of luxury, the harbour often playing home to some of the finest superyachts in the world.

Whilst stunning vessels like the Capri and Pick Up are often guests ...


Watersports Equipment For Your Yacht

As you sail your yacht throughout the Mediterranean or along the sapphire blue coasts of Asia, there’s nothing quite like stopping in a secluded cove, taking the time to relax and enjoy the scenery without having a care in the world. Sunbathing, a gentle swim, there are plenty of ways to spend an afternoon in sheer paradise without quickening yo...


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