Vast, eclectic, experimental, revolutionary, inspirational, there are countless adjectives that can be used to describe the art world, particularly in London. Galleries such as Halcyon and Opera are leading the way in contemporary mediums with artists like Dale Chihuly and Mitch Griffiths, while Freize and Masterpiece London both draw international crowds and global acclaim in equal measure.

The Muses of Lalique

Since the inception of art itself the female form has reigned as one of the most constant of inspirations. Whether you look at the willowy sculptures of Ancient times or avant garde modern art of t...

David Harber’s Noonday Cannon

No matter how you look at it, France’s notoriously opulent King Louis XIV was a man of impeccable taste. Responsible for uniting the French aristocracy and transforming the former hunting lodge of ...

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One to Watch: Dan Baldwin

“Looking at Dan’s work is like meeting old friends for me. It looks as though at some point in our careers we used the same casting agency. I am flattered that Dan writes that he was influenced by my work. It’s fascinating to see Mickey and all the chaps used in a newer different way, and I have really enjoyed his work.”

When Sir Peter Blake, o...


Master Graphics –The Art of Printmaking at Halcyon Gallery

Halcyon Gallery has long been regarded as a treasure trove of contemporary art, and just a quick look at their past shows reveal why. Always showcasing the most interesting modern art alongside some of the most iconic pieces from esteemed artists, the gallery has a unique talent in putting together exhibitions that really allow you to discover t...


Summer in the City at Maddox Gallery

Summer’s a time for glorious weather, al fresco dining and, it seems, contemporary art. With London’s galleries in full swing with this season’s exhibitions, there’s a plethora of eclectic works out there to discover from the surreal to the sublime. Enough, in fact, that it’s hard to know what to go see first.

For our money however, any contemp...


Lalique: The Colours of Eden

Nature has always been an unending source of inspiration for Lalique. Since their founding all the way back in 1888, there’s barely an animal or plant that’s escaped being frozen in crystal by the French artisans. Yet there’s one thing Lalique haven’t explored all that much in their illustrious history – colour.

Crystal’s nature is transparency...


Crossing The Bridge at Willow Gallery

There are many galleries in London that stand out. After all, London is undoubtedly a hub of artistic talent and excitement, a home to both venerable institutions and modern spaces where all styles of art and design can flourish. Alongside the giants of the Tate Modern and the V&A, there are a number of smaller galleries which are also well ...


ARCAHORN : Horn Furnishings for the Home

Since the earliest days of craft there have been certain materials that have never faded from use. Whether it’s wood, stone, or even early forms of iron these materials have stood the test of time for a reason, however there is one material that has always been reserved for the more special items, and that’s horn.

Naturally one of the most vers...


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Bob Dylan, Side Tracks - 17 October 1964 - Detroit, Michigan, £25,000

Bob Dylan, Statue of Liberty 2008, £2,500

Bob Dylan, Tuck Stop 2009, £3,000


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