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LONDON 4TH July 9.00am GMT

LUX Worldwide meets global demand for luxury

Unprecedented demand for high-end luxury goods across the globe has unleashed a new wave of consumers. London-based portal, LUX Worldwide, is set to become the hub for the discerning customer.

In a year when the British seal of approval has gone global, has caught the imagination of an increasingly globally conscious consumer by launching the definitive online guide to the world’s finest luxury products and services.

There is no surprise then that LUX Worldwide is home to nearly 2,000 of the world’s most famous luxury brands, augmented by hundreds of stimulating debate pieces and feature length articles from specialist publishing partner Epicurean Life.  With over 80 departments of luxury products and services from bespoke tailoring to lifestyle concierge services, is a celebration of prestigious brands; it’s a gateway to an uncompromised lifestyle and a new way to explore the vast, vibrant world of high-end luxury.

London based, LUX Worldwide is the brainchild of online luxury thought leaders, Alastair Laidlaw and Joel Peters. Commenting on the launch, LUX Worldwide’s managing director, Alastair Laidlaw explained the consumer’s relationship with luxury, ‘Whilst Europe may be feeling the pinch of austerity, it doesn’t mean consumers are necessarily spending less; rather they are spending more wisely and quality luxury goods and services are primed for a more discerning audience.”

LUX Worldwide, embodies the elegance of the brands it champions, capturing gems of information on the history of the companies and founders, whilst showcasing classic signature designs and the latest sumptuous concept pieces. With a boomin luxury industry, British brands feature prominently throughout. Laidlaw comments, “Luxury is synonymous with innovation, elegance, style and design and these are quintessentially British traditions, which we are respected globally for. In designing, we have aimed to build a useful and visually stimulating experience, which conveys all the hallmarks of a truly luxurious brand.”

With an ever growing number of featured companies, LUX Worldwide is both a visual treat and a shoppers delight. LUX Worldwide highlights and guides the consumer to the information every customer wants to know before making that all important purchase. The crisp interface allows users to browse and experience a seemingly endless number of brands. High definition videos, collection overviews, links to company websites, exclusive promotions, member’s clubs and the option to purchase or book online are certain to see luxury consumers returning time and time again.

LUX Worldwide offers exceptional user engagement across multiple digital platforms by linking consumers to individual brand's Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Vimeo or LinkedIn channels as well as a wide range of specialist blogs, forums, mobile apps and more.  LUX Worldwide ensures that both existing and potential customers are able to initialise or continue their brand experience. LUX Worldwide’s weath of exceptional content is ripe for social sharing as part of the enhanced user experience.

Speaking ahead of the launch, Laidlaw spoke about the challenges of working with so many iconic brands, “LUX Worldwide achieves something unique, bringing together the world’s most famous and specialist luxury brands under one roof. With that has come massive responsibility to meet the exacting standards of excellence which these brands demand online, whilst providing for the most engaging and interactive experience for our audience.”

Customers get their chance to view when it is officially released on Wednesday 4th July 2012.

Notes to Editors:

Prior to launching LUX Worldwide, Alastair Laidlaw was co-founder of Jura Watches, an innovative and successful business with a high-tech Mayfair store and the UK’s largest authorised online retailer of luxury watches.


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