Nanis: As Cool As Cachemire

Charles Edwards-Freshwater (Online Editor)
A beautiful collection of jewels inspired by cashmere

Widely regarded as one of the softest and most extraordinarily tactile substances in the world, cashmere is a material which undoubtedly belongs in the sphere of luxury.  Meticulously created by collecting the wool from Kashmir goats, it is a material whose lightness and absolute comfort have allowed it to become one of the most sought after materials in existence.

Inspired by the indulgent tactility of this beautiful fabric, Italian Jewellery Designers Nanis decided to channel the very spirit of the fabric into one of their collections, using aesthetic details of cashmere as a foundation for a jewellery collection that is quite simply a step above its inspiration.


Wanting to channel the light, caressing and elegant nature of the fabric Laura Bicego, the creative spirit behind Nanis, decided to look at the structure of the wool itself for inspiration for the collection, transforming the shapes found in the weave and fibres into bracelets, rings and necklaces that are every bit as luxurious as their muse.

Instantly striking from first glance, the Cachemire Bracelet in particular is one of those stunning jewellery pieces that perfectly embraces the concept behind the creation. Formed from interlinking paisley shaped pieces of 18kt yellow gold that are meant to represent the weave of the wool and the enchanting texture, the clasp at the back of the necklace is inlaid with a sparkling diamond that adds another touch of exclusive beauty to the design.

At the front of the necklace there is another paisley piece, this time paved with brilliant diamonds to act as a centrepiece to the whole necklace. Echoing the minutiae of detail that goes into weaving a piece of cashmere into usable wool, this focal point is charming and catches the light with ease, adding a definitive touch of sparkle which is irresistible to the eye.

cachemire sec 2

One of the defining parts of Laura Bicego’s vision as a jewellery designer is that she often looks beyond literal inspiration when creating her jewels. “I have always been inspired by music, by the words of my favourite writer, as well as by the beauty found in nature” states Bicego, “images and shapes found in an original piece of art, a beautiful landscape or city architecture can spark my imagination…unexpected flavours or slipping into a silk dress that that feels as good as it looks” she explains, revealing how many elements make up the spirit of her collections.

In light of this, it is easy to see how it is not only cashmere that serves as the design inspiration for this set of jewels. The paisley segments, though material-like in appearance when laced together have also been created to mirror the look of a sheath of wheat and the primordial meaning of the harvest, each teardrop segment also based on a droplet of the water of life and creation, abundance and fertility which is necessary for life to exist.

cahevrmire 3

These more abstract inspirations are clearer in the collection’s Cachemire Ring. A pared back, more intriguing approach to the paisley shape, here we see the motif by itself and not woven together with others, the pave diamonds and the distinctive shape instantly bringing the feel of the harvest to the forefront of the design. A light and beautiful contrast between shining diamonds and yellow gold, the cashmere influences are still there but joined the other inspirations to a more obvious degree, resulting in a ring that is very special indeed and a sheer delight to the senses.

An intricately realised selection of jewels that captures the essence of one of the world’s most luxurious materials whilst transforming its details into a very fine selection of jewellery, Nanis’ Cachemire Collection is enchanting and light, an elegant expression of beauty and luxury that is a joy to look at, let alone to wear.

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