Reliving the Mystery of The Orient Express

Charles Edwards-Freshwater (Online Editor)
A look at the enduring vintage appeal of the Orient Express

As an Agatha Christie fan it’s almost impossible to hear mention of the Orient Express without being drawn back to one of Poirot’s most famous cases. A tantalising mystery of disguises and cover ups, missing uniform buttons and red kimonos, it is exactly the sort of story that solidified her as the Queen of Crime and has endured through the ages as one of her most popular novels of all time.

Whilst the intriguing roster of characters and undoubtedly delightfully grisly details are of course part of the appeal, it is undoubtedly the setting of the Orient Express that has allowed the mystery to continue to surprise and delight readers decade after decade. A sumptuous expression of the golden age of travel in the novel, today the Orient Express retains this almost vintage appeal, allowing travellers who want to step back into another age of travel to experience the sumptuous setting that makes Christie’s novel so iconic.

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The Venice Simplon- Orient Express is of course the most famous of these trains, and instantly immersing you into a realm of timeless romance it is a train ride that is quite simply unlike anything else in the world. Available to take you to a number of destinations, whether that’s from the bustle of London to the beauty of Venice or indeed a more extended trip from Paris to Istanbul, the selection of available journeys means that you can immerse yourself into the Art Deco opulence of this beautiful train and really enjoy every step of the journey in style, enjoying fine dining and beautiful sights as you travel in the lap of luxury.

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One of the most popular routes for the train is from London to Venice, and a look at the itinerary quickly reveals why. Setting off from the tramp and trudge of London’s busy streets and stepping into the vintage styled carriages serviced by liveried stewards, the journey begins by travelling off across the Kentish countryside in the Belmond British Pullman train as you enjoy a delicious three course brunch served with a sparkling Bellini.

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Once across the Channel you then board the Venice Simplon-Orient Express where the level of luxury reaches its zenith and you will enjoy a decadent four course meal prepared by the train’s own skilled French chefs. Once you have enjoyed the delicious delights of this impressive meal you can then retire to your cabin for the night, which has now been transformed into a cosy bedroom that will ensure a perfect night’s sleep.

Awaking on day two of this beautiful journey, the best way to start the days is by enjoying breakfast in your cabin at whatever time is the most convenient to you. As the train continues its journey through the magnificent mountain scenery and lush countryside you can also head to the bar carriage and mix and mingle with the other guests, getting to know them and enjoying their company as the train makes its way towards the beautiful sights of Venice.

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A three course leisurely luncheon is served to act as light refreshment in one of the decadent dining cars, and after this Afternoon Tea will also be served in your cabin later on in the journey so you can arrive at the glittering canals of Venice feeling satisfied and ready to explore.

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A stunning trip brimming with that golden age magic of travel that is so iconic, taking a trip on the Venice Simplon-Orient Express is like travelling back in time to a more elegant era where luxury was defined in another way entirely. With the beautifully appointed train acting as a home away from home and the stunning scenery of Europe zooming on by as you make your journey across to Venice, it is one of those trips that gives you time to rest, relax and reflect, enjoying the finest cuisine and a level of service that will make you feel just like you’ve gone back to the time that Christie captured so admirably in her classic novel, though thankfully without the mystery to solve.

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The London to Venice trip on the Venice Simplon-Orient Express is priced from £2,365 per passenger

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