The Hideaways Club: A Decade of Beautiful Destinations

Charles Edwards-Freshwater (Online Editor)
The Hideaways Club celebrates a landmark anniversary

Combining the very best parts of luxury property investment with a key to the luxury lifestyle, it’s no secret that The Hideaways Club has become one of the most coveted ways to holiday for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

Able to give you access to only the most extraordinary properties in the most sought after destinations around the world without any of the hassles of full property ownership, The Hideaways Club is a unique concept that has revolutionised the idea of luxury travel, and one that over the last decade has evolved to become something truly extraordinary.

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Now celebrating ten years of allowing people to travel in a new and unique way, we look back on how The Hideaways Club has evolved through the years and what makes it one of the most exciting and glamorous opportunities for the modern traveller today.

Beginning by offering a number of specially chosen properties around the world, over the course of a decade The Hideaways Club have expanded how they treat these destinations, not only splitting the properties into two distinct portfolios to suit different types of travellers but also adding new and striking houses, apartments, manors and homes regularly to their ever expanding selection.

Take their City Collection for example. A wonderfully diverse collection of apartments, this portfolio of properties is based around only the most covetable cities in the world such as Paris, London, New York and Berlin as well as many more spread across the major continents and offers abodes that instantly welcome you into your own oasis of stylish luxury that is within easy reach of all of the main landmarks, the best restaurants and exciting activities that whatever city you choose has to offer.  

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An exceptional option for people who always like to be at the heart of the action and immerse themselves in the hustle and bustle, this portfolio of properties is carefully curated so that only the most luxurious apartments in the most desirable locations have made the cut, giving you access to the most covetable places to stay without the stresses of maintenance and other expenditures that come with owning your own luxury property abroad.

On the other hand their Classic Collection property fund is more suitable for people who prefer escapes on a more relaxed level, and here the properties have been chosen due to their inimitable location and proximity to natural splendour. Holding court in places such as Bali, The Algarve, Tuscany and Provence, these chalets and villas are all exceptional examples of only the finest places to stay in these popular areas, letting you delve into an oasis of calm and tranquillity and embrace the surrounding sights in whichever way you choose.

Perhaps one of the most striking evolutions during the impressive first decade of The Hideaways Club is their personal concierge service. On hand to advise you about which property best suits your needs, the concierge service also helps you with every single little detail, arranging transport and other necessities during your stay as well as opening the door to the best events and exclusive activities so that no matter where you decide to go there’s always something exciting to discover. Each of the properties across both portfolios also benefits from a Local Concierge, meaning that no matter what time you want something your whims can be fulfilled to perfection.

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The real key to unlocking the full potential of wherever you want to stay, both the concierge service and the properties local concierge service will help you discover the area or city you have chosen as your destination in only the very height of style, enriching the experience as soon as you arrive to make sure that your break away with The Hideaways Club is unforgettable.

If the past ten years have proven anything it is that The Hideaways Club have become one of the most unique and enticing way to see the sights of the world. Consistently expanding to offer more striking properties and looking after all of your needs with their impeccable concierge, an investment in The Hideaways Club is so much more than just buying into selection of luxury properties – it is a chance to travel the world and enjoy only the finest variety of houses, chalets and villas on offer in the most enticing locations, all without the trials and tribulations that come with property ownership.

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