Twisted Automotive: Redefining The Land Rover Defender

Charles Edwards-Freshwater (Online Editor)
Creating your own one-of-a-kind Land Rover Defender

Arguably one of the most iconic vehicle designs in the world, the Land Rover Defender has long been the car of choice for those who want a vehicle with some outdoorsy oomph. It was with worldwide disappointment that the model was discontinued after 67 straight years of production in 2015; however that doesn’t mean that the importance of the vehicle is going to fade anytime soon.

An impressive car that is the epitome of the outdoor lifestyle, the Defender was designed to be able to make the most of the countryside, weathering storms, swimming through floodwaters and making rough terrain seem like a breeze. But despite these admirable features, Twisted Automotive still manage to make the vehicle even more impressive.

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Specialists in redesigning the Defender in order to exceed expectations and be the best car it can be, Twisted Automotive take the original Defender model and vamp it up, creating luxurious and impeccably fine-tuned vehicles which still retain the unique charm that makes the Defender such an appealing car. Able to work with the customers' own Defender model or a new one bought from a Jaguar Land Rover dealership, Twisted Automotive then strips the car down to its framework and rebuilds it from the base up, amplifying its abilities and making it a vehicle like no other.

Only working with Defender models, Twisted Automotive have become to learn the DNA of the car to the most precise detail, recreating the vehicle and using exceptional engineering to create a range of Twisted Automotive exclusive components that really bring the potential of the Defender to life. All of their changes are the result of years of research and are completely suited to the original framework of the Defender, making sure that the vehicle still remains itself whilst transforming it on the inside to become a Land Rover that is a cut above the rest.

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But how does a company like Twisted Automotive begin? In this case, it was all down to the passion of founder Charles Fawcett, a man whose life has been linked to Land Rovers from an early age. Growing up with a father who specialised in the sale and repair of the vehicles in the 1970s, Fawcett even had his own Series 3 pick up from the age of eleven, a car that had a host of problems. Not always able to start and often getting stuck in muddy North Yorkshire fields, Fawcett decided to learn how to fix it, beginning his passion as someone who wants to bring out the best in vehicles and equip them with the ability to handle anything.

Beginning Twisted Automotive as a side business in 2000, by 2008 the demand for skilled modification and expert advice had grown so much that in 2009 the business started to deal solely in the renovation and recreation of Land Rover Defenders.

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Of course, as with all modifications there’s a level of bespoke to how Twisted Automotive operate and the company offer a number of different features that can be added to your Defender. Out of these you can pick and choose what you want, transforming your vehicle into one that is exactly suited to your needs.

To get a feel for the sort of modifications that Twisted Automotive have to offer, we look at some of their current stock. Take their Twisted T40S model for example. One of the newer Defender models, the T40S can be enhanced with a series of modifications both aesthetic and performance enhancing. 

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From a completely new body colour to a full makeover in interior design to fit with your individual taste, the surface changes are pleasing; however it is the technical additions that make Twisted Automotive masters at what they do. Far more than simply chrome alloys and tinted windows (though those are available too) the most exciting aspect of what Twisted Automotive do is how they boost the power of the vehicle, granting it increased braking ability, faster speeds and of course the ability to tackle even trickier terrain.

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Perhaps the most unique part of the service is that the transformation can happen on a drive-in, drive-out basis. Simply drive your own Defender over to their workshop and your vehicle will be completely honed to perfection, implementing all of the extras you want and ready to drive away again when done. The best way to experiment with the service is their online vehicle builder which allows you to design the Defender of your dreams, choosing the model, changing the colour and adding extras such as roof racks and snorkels, making it all the easier to imagine what your Twisted Defender will look like in the end.

A service that can transform your Defender into one which showcases its full potential on every journey, Twisted Automotive are experts at making your vehicle a one-of-a-kind outdoor adventurer. After all, there’s no denying the Defender is an icon of automotive design, but even classics sometimes need reinvention to really shine.

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Find out more about Twisted Automotive HERE

Create your own Twisted Defender using their vehicle builder HERE


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