Sending Off the DB10

Sam Kessler (Online Editor)
The only Aston Martin DB10 to go up for sale hits the top of its estimate - and then some

We took a few lessons away from the 24th James Bond film; smart blood is a tenuous concept at best, Bond girls are definitely not defined by age and Dave Bautista is a terrifying individual. More than anything however, was that the lack of a production DB10 is a sad, immutable fact of life.

Created specifically for Spectre, the DB10’s predatory styling is a more aggressive stance for an Aston Martin. Normally more on the restrained, sophisticated side of the motoring scale, Aston’s filmic spy-mobile took a considerably sleeker, sharper approach.

Even if it did end up in a river before the movie hit half way – an automobile travesty if ever there was one – it looked the part racing through the narrow streets of Rome. Even the bright orange of Jaguar’s tailing concept supercar couldn’t take that away from it.

Aston Martin DB10 Auction 3.jpg

But aside from that brief flash of silver committed to celluloid, you won’t be seeing the DB10 on the road. Only ten were made for the film, with none going to production post filming, and only one of the ten was allowed to be sold. A sale which, as it happens, was carried out just last night.

The car wasn’t alone of course; the sale, entitled James Bond Spectre – The Live Auction and held at the world-renowned Christie’s, included plenty of other film-related lots. The spy’s Omega Seamaster 300 – hopefully decommissioned – a Spectre Blu-ray™, signed by Daniel Craig, and a good number of pieces from the cast, crew and director Sam Mendes all joined the DB10 under the hammer.

Aston Martin DB10 Auction 1.jpg

That said, there was never going to be any doubt that the Aston would be the highlight, especially with a £1,500,000 estimate. On a base, engineering level, that’s quite a lot for what is essentially a re-bodyworked Vantage V8. For a collector though, that seems a steal. This is a very special car indeed, even by DB10 standards.

Not only is it the only DB10 released for sale, but it’s also the only car that includes a special plaque signed by Daniel Craig. It was the precise car displayed at the world premiere of Spectre at the Royal Albert Hall and, for many people, their first glimpse of the DB10 outside of the movie. 

It’s also a piece of Aston Martin history – and future. The DB10 celebrates fifty years of the marque’s relationship to Bond, one that has become an iconic partnership, to the point where the Aston was considered part of the cast. Possibly more importantly however, it shows the new direction of the manufacturer.

Those sleek, aggressive looks weren’t just created for the film. As subtle hints like the Vulcan hyper track car, Aston are going all out in performance with styling to match. You’ll see plenty more indications in coming months and years, but the DB10 was the starting point.

So the car had a lot going for it when it hit last night’s auction, and there was little doubt it would hit its £1-1.5 million estimate yet many wouldn’t have guessed it would eclipse that estimate by nearly a million.

When the dust settled and the bidding was done, the hammer came down on a final price of £2,434,500, over 85% of the grand total raised. Considering the car’s iconic status, its influence on the modern marque and everything it represents, we can see the appeal ourselves.

It also helps matters that the money went to a very good home indeed. All proceeds from the auction, which includes the £2,785,500 from the live auction and whatever the online pieces raise by the end of the month, will go to Médecins Sans Frontières – Doctors without Borders. A global humanitarian aid organisation which provides medical care and support to victims of armed conflict, epidemics and other disasters, there are few worthier causes.

Aston Martin DB10 Auction 2.jpg

Funds donated to charity are always cause for celebration, especially when it’s a life-changing sum such as this. But it does come with a dark cloud hovering above: we will never own the DB10 ourselves. Unless that is, EON Productions feel gracious enough to release another to Christie’s; if that happens, we’ll have our paddles at the ready.

 To view and bid on the lots in the online auction, CLICK HERE.


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