Making Waves: The Best Jet Skis

Charles Edwards-Freshwater (Online Editor)
Cut through the surf on these impressive machines

The world of watersports takes many forms. From the physically challenging sports of windsurfing and waterskiing to the more relaxed approach of boating and canoeing, oceans and lakes have long been used as a playing field for sports that attract all types of participants, and rightly so.

There are some water sports that really get the adrenaline going however, and those are the ones which often include the help of masterful machines- special vehicles created to conquer the waves and make you feel like a master of the sea. Jet skiing is one such sport, and one of those rare activities that can be as relaxed or rip roaring as you would like. As such, we’ve compiled a small selection of the finest jet skis, so the next time you want to zip across the waves at full speed or simply explore with your family, you’ll know which crafts to invest in.

Yamaha: FXCruiser SVHO, from £14,999


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Yamaha may originally be a name you would associate with indoor electronics and musical instruments but their range of watercraft have certainly made an impact in recent years, the most exquisite of their creations being the FXCruiser SVHO. A versatile machine that can seat three people, this jet ski is ideal for when you want to simply explore the coves or reefs with your family, though that doesn’t mean that it can’t pick up the speed.

Equipped with a zippy Super Vortex High Output engine and formed from incredibly lightweight NanoXcel material, the jet ski is able to give most sporting crafts a run for their money, instantly transforming from family friendly vehicle to an agile speedster with ease. Tight handling, cruise assist and an adjustable steering system make this craft even more chameleonic, so no matter how you want to explore the waves you can do so in style.

SEADOO GTX Limited iS 260, £16,699

SEADOO GTX Limited iS 260

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If there’s one important factor that a jet ski often overlooks, it’s comfort. Anyone who has driven a jet ski over the ridge of a wave and landed hard on the other side will understand the importance of a craft that can be controlled with ease and which also takes comfort into account, and here are features that the SEADOO GTX Limited iS 260 has in spades.

Fitted with industry exclusive Intelligent Suspension (iS) as well as a new ergolock set of seats, the craft can accommodate two people with ease, conquering even the roughest tides without fear of flipping over. This is due to the hull moving independently from the upper deck allowing the craft to instantly respond to the conditions of the water without affecting the smoothness of the ride.

Tilt steering and cruise control keep the jet ski stable and manoeuvrable, making this craft the ideal choice for those who want a dependable and safety conscious machine, despite it still being able to pick up a considerable speed in even the most choppy of waters.  Streamlined, refined and adventurous all rolled into one, the SEADOO GTX Limited IS 260 is one craft that will make any jet skiing session a breeze no matter your level of skill.

Kawasaki: Jet Ski Ultra 310LX, $17,999

Kawasaki Jet Ski Ultra 310LX

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As creators of some of the most death defying and rip-roaring motorbikes in the world, it comes as little surprise that Kawasaki’s jet ski offerings are in much of the same league. Widely regarded as the most powerful jet ski ever built, their Jet Ski Ultra 310LX is an incredibly advanced machine that takes Kawasaki’s penchant for the futuristic and elevates it to another level.

Though anyone would have a tough time classing this beast as a family friendly machine, for those who want to experience the thrill of the waves at high octane speeds you can’t get much better. A deep v-shaped hull cuts through even the roughest waters and the built in jet sound audio system means that you can enjoy more than just the sounds of the sea as you race around the bay at top speed.

The engine has been specifically designed for maximum performance in mind, meaning that unlike many other jet skis that can overheat with too much use, the Ultra just keeps on going, using a unique cooling system to ensure that the engine stays at the right temperature at all times. A sleek combination of futuristic design(the black and neon green may be a bit too much for some though) incredible technology and superfast speeds, the Jet Ski Ultra 310LX is a watercraft for the speedster inside us all, and apologises to no one.

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