Fuss-Free Flying with Air Partner

Sam Kessler (Online Editor)
Whether flying solo or organising travel for a few thousand delegates, all it takes is an enquiry

Flying shouldn’t be difficult; it’s the single most convenient way to travel the world. Yet when it comes to the hassle of booking flights, slogging through the endless airport security checks and inevitable reams of delays, it doesn’t feel it.

Of course, even if you own your own jet things aren’t all plain flying. Making sure your jet is where you need it, not to mention the prohibitive costs of storage and maintenance are arguably more of a turn off than the straight out costs of the aircraft itself.


Which leaves charter. Really charter should be the simplest way to travel around the world, whether hopping across the country or between continents. The key is making sure you choose the right charter specialist. You could go with the biggest, most impressive name in charter or look at those used by the most discerning of clientele. It just so happens that, either way, you may arrive at the same name – Air Partner.

Having started way back in 1962, Air Partner have been around a good deal longer than most names in the aviation industry. Admittedly a lot has changed since then, industry and aircraft both almost unrecognisable from those relatively early days of air travel. But as their numbers of global clients allude to, Air Partner have certainly moved with the times.

The concept is as streamlined as it could possibly be. All you need to do is say where you need to go when and your budget to do so; Air Partner will do the rest. It almost goes without saying however that, like a swan below water, what goes smoothly for the client is anything but easy to achieve.


That task falls squarely on the shoulders of a dedicated account manager; think of them as a concierge for air travel. From the type of aircraft that best suits your needs all the way through to ground transfers, they manage every aspect of your journey.

Of course, there are more benefits to this type of charter than just convenience. Because of the range of aircraft available, it opens up new destinations around the world, with ten times as many airports available as commercial airlines. That could include runways in more remote parts of the world or simply private airports where you don’t need to go through the mind-wrenching hassle of, just for example, Heathrow.

You don’t always even need to book in advance. Schedules can change at the last minute and with it a last-minute trip over the border. You can’t always predict where you’ll need to fly to, which is precisely what makes Air Partner’s Jet Card so useful.


In the simplest terms, the Jet Card is pay as you go private jet travel. You pre-pay a certain amount onto your card and simply pay by the hours you fly. Fuel costs, staff, catering, everything is included. At the last minute, all you need to do is call up to book your flight and go from there – completely effortless and even more cost-efficient.

Private flights aside however, where Air Partner really excel is in business flights. Anything from a small group of delegates heading to a board meeting in New York to 90 flights over 22 days, for over 5000 passengers from 23 countries, the feats they can achieve is nothing short of miraculous. As if that weren’t enough, they can even organise the branding of the aircraft; few things are as impressive as a company jet after all.

Yet whether you’re taking a personal vacation or organising a press conference, the ethos is the same, an emphasis on that personal touch, a dedication to achieving everything the client wants and more with the minimum of fuss. When you use Air Partner, you’ll end up wondering why you didn’t do it yourself; give it a try and you’ll soon see exactly why.

To make an enquiry about chartering a flight with Air Partner or to apply for a Jet Card, CLICK HERE.


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