The Ford GT: Not the Ford You Know

Sam Kessler (Online Editor)
The maker of the affordable Mondeo, Fiesta and Focus shows its teeth... in a 200mph plus hypercar

Ford’s not generally the sexiest car maker in the world. There’s nothing wrong with their hatchbacks other than the occasional boy racer, they’re just not what you’d call impressive. The new Ford GT however is another beast entirely. The 600 horsepower hypercar is a long way from the Mondeo.

First and foremost, the GT looks the part. Its lines are as aggressive and performance oriented as any McLaren or Lamborghini, on the track or off. These advanced aerodynamics not only help the GT cut through the air like a knife, but the striking buttresses also do their part to strengthen the chassis and add a bit of downforce.

Speaking of which, the rear spoiler is particularly impressive when deployed, helping the car stick to the road at higher speeds, squeezing out that last drop of performance. If you’re taking to the road however and don’t need it deployed, its built-in construction lets is lend some downforce even when down.

The air that does get forced through the gaping vents at the front and side of the GT is then used to aerate and cool the engines, increasing efficiency and performance when necessary at the higher speeds. The whole design is geared towards a lean, fast, ultra-high performer. It also happens to look utterly fantastic.


As for what you can hear roaring from those vents, the powerhouse of the GT is Ford’s own EcoBoost V6 3.5 litre engine. Essentially a turbocharged monster, the Eco part comes from the engines increased efficiency all round.

Offering a unique combination of torque, horsepower, fuel economy, performance, utility, durability and reliability, it was launched back in 2011 and has been developed to the point of near-perfection. It would need to be in order to drive this particular car to the speeds it does – expected to break the 200mph mark.

Of course, all that power needs to be controlled and there’s only so far a spoiler can go towards keeping an ultra-lightweight, 600 horsepower car in its racing line. Michelin Pilot Super Sport Cup 2 tyres help of course, but advanced carbon-ceramic breaks are more reassuring, allowing the GT to stop in short order. There’s also a full suite of electronic steering features to make keeping your course all the easier.


The Ford GT is a performance animal so don’t expect a cabin that smells of rich mahogany, clad in exquisitely upholstered leather. This interior is all business, that business being speed. Every surface seems made from carbon fibre, its state of the art style as important as its lightness in construction. Other than that, a simple cluster of dials shows any information you could need and a pair of paddle shifts let you work through the 7-speed dual clutch automatic transmission.

This isn’t solely for the track however and the road is a far more sedate affair – or should be at least. Ford’s newly-introduced Sync 3 infotainment system not only displays all the navigation info you need but it’s voice-activation lets you make calls and alter your course without taking your hands of the wheel.

Obviously a car of this magnitude isn’t the everyday for Ford. In fact, only 500 of them will ever be made and, considering demand, that’s a miniscule number. Yet you might just see more variation within that number than most product lines in existence.


Each customer can customise their Ford GT in an impressive number of ways, ranging from the merely cosmetic with custom paint jobs and interior designs, to alterations in the technology matching the way you want to drive it. If you don’t plan on leaving the track – who could blame you? – you can skew things in that direction, while if you plan on attempting the school run in it, you can tone things down a bit. The range is so vast that the GT can cost anywhere between an expected £100,000 and £400,000.

 Of course, only a certain level of clientele can be trusted with a car of the GTs calibre and you will need to go through a full application process in order to purchase. Competition’s certainly going to be stiff there, but when the GT takes to the track for the first time at the upcoming Le Mans, you’ll be unable to resist.

Applications for the Ford GT are now open. To make an enquiry, CLICK HERE.


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