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Charles Edwards-Freshwater (Online Editor)
Private jet charter and services for the connoisseur

If there’s one way to travel that’s incomparable to anything else, it’s by private jet. Taking all the speed and exhilaration of a larger plane with the personal convenience of being able to bypass the baggage claims and endless queues and simply soar through the skies in absolute comfort, a private jet is not merely a way of travel but more of a way of life.  

A practical solution for those who have to travel often for work or enjoy jetting across Europe for an impromptu weekend away, owning a private jet is certainly a large responsibility, and understanding that even chartering one of these majestic metal birds can be a confusing process Comlux Aviation was born to help those who want to travel in ultimate style.

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Acting foremost as one of the industry’s leading charter specialists, Comlux Aviation was first founded in 2003 and have since become key players in the exclusive world of private jets. Growing in influence throughout the last 13 years, Comlux Aviation has made leaps and bounds in the world of jets, catering for private jet fliers and owners alike in every possible area.

Of course charter is the key service offered by Comlux, and their fleet of available planes is nothing if not extensive. From Boeings to Bombardiers, each of the crafts under the Comlux name have been selected to be the best at certain types of journeys, the Bombardier Challenger 605 9H-JCD arguably the very best for business trips and the Hawker 900 XP 9H-GYB offering the most versatile way to travel should you want either a short haul or longer flight without restrictions.

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Helpfully categorising the planes like this makes finding the right craft for your trip all the more easy with Comlux. For example, say you had an important business meeting and wanted to do some prep with some colleagues on the way. The Bombardier Challenger 605 9H-JCD has the space for ten people to sit and work together comfortably, with a baggage allowance of up to ten suitcases and the ability to transform some of the spaces into full beds should the flight be going overnight. 

This craft is one of the fastest ways to travel, and can zoom from London to Nice in just 1h30, Dubai in 6h25 or even New York in just 7h20 at a speed of up to 850 km/h which is certainly not a speed to be sniffed at.

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Their worldwide charter services are second to none; however it is not simply just their charter that makes Comlux Aviation so highly regarded to those who revel in the world of private jets. Arguably more of a hub of all things private jet related rather than simply just a service, Comlux offers private jet owners the chance to sell their aircraft on their site as well as new buyers to enter into the world through guided purchase. 

Listing aircraft from big names such as Boeing and Embraer, Comlux has a collection of planes for sale that echoes the versatility found in their own charter fleet, allowing guests who have chartered with them before to take the next big step and buy one that they know they will love through experience of flying in something very similar already.

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Owners who want to (rather understandably) keep hold of their private jet are also able to make use of Comlux’s community presence however, and should they be looking at redecorating the interior of their craft or simply acquiring some new crew, Comlux have a number of invaluable contacts who are able to make every part of owning a jet as easy as it is to enjoy flying in it.

With values of safety and commitment, integrity and confidentiality, there’s a reason that Comlux have become one of the most renowned names in the industry, and with their service only getting better and better each year we can’t wait to see what the future brings.

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