Bentley’s Heart of Stone

Charles Edwards-Freshwater (Online Editor)
The renowned British motoring marque introduce some unique interiors

If there’s one thing that has always been on Bentley’s side it’s that they are cars with a certain level of sophisticated traditionalism. From the finely appointed leather seats to the smooth wood of the dashboard, a Bentley’s interior is as iconic as it is luxurious and the marque sees plenty of requests for the rarest materials to be installed in their vehicles.

However, it must be said that wood isn't all that unique. No matter how interesting the colour or intricate the natural finish of the gnarls, wood is a material that has been connected to motoring since the very beginning- it’s all been done before. In light of this, Bentley has decided to implement a new material into the interiors of their vehicles for the most discerning of customers - stone veneers that have literally been aeons in the making.

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Truly one of a kind in every way, these new veneers are an alluring fusion of centuries-old craftsmanship and cutting edge technology, a veritable bridge between the formation of the ancient rock itself and the smooth and sophisticated interiors of the cars in which they reside today.

Using new state of the art technologies that didn’t even exist until a few years ago, these veneers have a pattern and smoothness which is impossible to imitate, the natural life of the stone transformed into a new chapter of beauty inside one of Bentley’s iconic automobiles. 

It is this one of a kind aesthetic that both Bentley and their Mulliner bespoke service strive for in their creations. Though Bentley’s of course all begin life the same, the new stone veneers prove how versatile and selective the interior of your motor can be, transforming it into a space that you want to be inside as much as possible.

The elements inside a Bentley’s interior all have a storied history. The hides for the leather seats takes years to leave their factory at Crewe and the wood traditionally used on many of the dashboards sometimes takes centuries to grow. But both these fine materials truly pale in comparison to the stone they use for the new veneers, rugged pieces of rock that date back up to 200 million years.

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Clay deposit is crystallised by the weight of extreme force over countless decades resulting in a unique patina and foliated structure, eventually transforming the clay into quartzite slate. It is this beautifully versatile material that Bentley has responsibly sourced from the heart of India for these new veneers, the stone resplendent in shades of delicate light grey, natural red, black and a warm copper.

The carefully selected panels are first sent to Bentley's Mulliner bespoke team where precision and innovation are added to the force of millennia of pressure and heat which originally created the stone in the first place to give the material a modern and sophisticated finish. The very process of creating these veneers is simply extraordinary. Taking this newly worked on rock and cutting it into panels of less than a millimetre thick, the stone is then placed on a special backing to hold it in place within the car.

This process is just for the larger pieces such as the dashboard however, and for those looking to add Medusa’s touch to any other part of their Bentley interior the process becomes more complicated still. Cutting panels of stone to one hundredth of a millimetre in thickness, the bespoke masters are able to shape the pieces to fit any surface of the car you wish to cover, thermo-forming the layers multi-directionally to ensure that the fit is perfect every time.

Currently offering Continental and Flying Spur owners a choice of four beautiful stones (Galaxy, Terra Red, Autumn White and Copper) Bentley are encouraging those who choose to have this unique aspect fitted into their car to leave it natural so that they can feel the history of the stone on their fingertips, every rivulet and mark a feature of the stone’s character that took centuries to create.

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An interesting way to make your Bentley even more exclusive than it already is, these stone veneers from their bespoke service are unique and impressive, the technology and sheer artisanal skill involved in the creation making them almost artistic in their own right. Millennia of history transformed into a new chapter of exceptional elegance, these veneers prove that having a heart of stone isn’t always a bad thing... well at least if you’re a car.

Stone Veneers from Bentley are priced individually depending on which parts of the car you would like to have them fitted

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