The World’s Most Extravagant Coffee Maker

Charles Edwards-Freshwater (Online Editor)
A stunning machine that always makes the perfect cup

We all know that first cup of coffee is worth more than its weight in gold. After all, without coffee so many people would hardly function – it’s become less of a luxury and more of a necessity for anyone who has to face the morning commute.

Of course, due to its ever growing popularity the quest for the perfect cup of coffee has been one journeyed by many brands over the years. With machines getting more technical and everything from the cups themselves being finely crafted to enhance the coffee drinking experience, it’s no wonder that coffee machines are becoming more and more extravagant – an approach which Royal Paris have taken to the next level with their opulent coffee machine the Royal Coffee Maker.

royal 1

Calling this machine extravagant almost does it a disservice. Crafted from either sterling silver or 24k gold, the other parts of the machine are also made form similarly precious metals such as gemstones and crystal, making sure every element of the machine is fit for royalty in more than just name.

Perhaps the most striking thing about these Royal Coffee Makers is that they use techniques traditionally associated with fine jewellery in their construction, separating them from the crowd as art pieces which are just as likely to be treasured as an exquisite necklace or brooch. From golden flourishes to fine polishing, the machines have a distinctly fine art quality that resonates throughout their aesthetic and makes them seem almost as if they have been taken from another era, perfectly reflecting the opulence of the French Renaissance or the Rococo period whilst still remaining a functional, innovative coffee machine for the modern individual.

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 Created by French artist Jean-Luc Rieutort who worked alongside a team of skilled sculptors, metallurgists and engineers, the Royal Coffee Maker was inspired by a historic balancing siphon which was used by royalty in the 1800s. By combining the skills of this diverse workforce the machine is one that is so much more than looks alone, and the Royal Coffee Maker helps return the art of coffee drinking into the ceremony which it deserves to be.

Sure, this may not be practical for when you want that cup in the morning before you head off to work, but for when guests are around and you really want to impress this machine is nothing other than show-stopping gold.  The way the coffee is brewed is simple yet elegant. You start by placing the ground coffee beans in the fine Baccarat crystal carafe and hot water is then poured into the boiler pot and the Baccarat burner vase (which must be lit). Next, the fully automated system takes over and allows heat, steam and gravity to brew the coffee in the crystal vase, sending the aroma around the room in a delightfully visual way so that everyone can enjoy the coffee made before it even fills their cup.

royal 1

Brewing the coffee this way is for more than visual delights however and the taste of the coffee is definitely enhanced as well. Always reaching the perfect temperature and with no artificial filters, brewing coffee in this manner also makes sure that none of the aromatic oils from the beans escapes during the brewing process resulting in a clear, complex coffee taste which is fit for kings and queens alike.  You can even customise your brew by adding liqueurs and spices before the brew making the Royal Coffee Maker the only coffee machine on the market which allows you to be in complete control of flavour before you’ve even added the water.

As only a handful of these incredible machines are made per year they are, of course, also able to be completely bespoke to your style. Whether you want gold, silver or even burnished copper as the main frame, you can also add special details such as obsidian and malachite as well as initials, family crests – whatever you want to help your coffee machine stand out as the true treasure that it is.  

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A striking machine that is ideal for anyone who loves coffee and only wants the best of the best, the Royal Coffee Maker by Royal Paris is beautiful and innovative, not only serving up the perfect cup every time but also a level of opulence and grandeur that allows the machine to truly be something to treasure for generations.

The Royal Coffee Makers from Royal Paris are priced between £9,000 and £15,000

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