Wellness At The Milestone Hotel

Charles Edwards-Freshwater (Online Editor)
A healthy weekend away in one of London's most charming hotels

We all know that looking after our bodies is important. After all, a healthy approach to life means that you can enjoy it more and have more energy, however knowing where to begin or stopping yourself from straying from your goals is sometimes very difficult.

Understanding this, one of London’s favourite hotels, The Milestone, have recently introduced a new Wellness mini break that will help you to feel strong, rejuvenated and healthy – the ideal way to step into spring with your best foot forward.

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Upon arrival at the hotel you will first receive a skinny cocktail – a powerful juice blend filled with vitamins and minerals that will help you get into the healthy mindset. After setting yourself up in one of the hotel’s beautiful Deluxe King Size Rooms, you will then receive the first step of your head start on achieving your fitness goals with a nutritional advice from the hotel’s own wellbeing team, a group of professionals who will guide you through every aspect of your diet and help tailor a plan to you so that you can start seeing changes.

Once they have spoken to you , you will also receive a session with a personal trainer and nutritionist Andy Elliot, both of whom will help you to form a cohesive work out plan that targets the areas of your body you want to improve the most as well as exercises that will work with the nutritional advice to guarantee the best results.

Of course, a huge part of wellness and health is letting yourself relax and enjoy yourself from time to time, so due to this The Milestone have also included a visit to their spa in the package, giving you the option between a sessions with the Spa Therapist Fiona Kerr who will help soothe your aches and pains with massage and other treatments or an active yoga session with Jo Shrimpton, their renowned Yoga and Pilates instructor who will help you focus your energy and unleash the goodness of your mind, body and spirit.

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One of the most enticing things about The Milestone Hotel is that it is right on the doorstep of the stunning sights of Kensington. From the park to the bustling streets, the hotel will provide you with an orientation map of the local area, encouraging you to go on walks and jogs in the natural splendour of the surroundings and keep in shape whilst immersing yourself in the sights and sounds which make the area one of the most popular in London.

Complimentary fresh juices or smoothies on both days of your stay will keep you hydrated and ready to keep on track, and the breakfasts at the hotel have been tailored to be healthy and filling, giving you the proper start to your day so that you can begin each day refreshed and fuelled with only the best food available, giving you the energy for exercise and enjoyment alike.

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A wonderful rejuvenating stay at one of London’s most popular boutique hotels, Wellbeing at The Milestone Hotel is an ideal way to begin your health and fitness journey or continue on the right path. With their expert advice, wonderful amenities and luxurious extras making sure that whenever you want to start looking after your health and happiness you can do so in absolute style, this is one weekend away that will help you improve your body and spirit in more ways than one.

The Wellness at The Milestone Hotel experience is priced from £990 based on two sharing

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