Taking the Monte out of Montegrappa

Sam Kessler (Online Editor)
The iconic pen maker's latest limited edition celebrates the fiery Italian spirit - the drinkable kind

Montegrappa are many things – inventive, extravagant, consummate craftsmen – but first and foremost, they are Italian. The pen maker’s hometown of Bassano del Grappa is as integral to their identity as the trench coat is to Burberry.

As its name suggests, the town is famous for that most famous of Italian spirits – not that there are all that many – grappa. In fact, there’s a tradition in the town for new couples; on their first date, couples will have grappa before meeting either end of the town’s iconic covered bridge.

Montegrappa’s reverence for the spirit however is far less quaint, far more impressive. The latest addition to their Cult series, the Grappa Limited Edition is a striking combination of perforated steel and hammered copper.

These materials are taken directly from the vast stills used to create grappa; even the top of the cap is inlaid with the same cork that would normally go into each finished bottle. The result however is nothing you could recognise as traditional.

The pen is the very definition of steampunk in style, the unusual combination of shining metals like some futuristic-Victorian contraption. Yet far from scrappy or ragged as you’d sometimes expect from steampunk, every surface is flawlessly finished, whether hammered or polished. In size and shape is adheres to Montegrappa’s inimitable style of course, and follows in their tradition of beautiful limited editions.

A pen so exceptional – even by Montegrappa standards – requires a certain flair to its exhibition Therefore each pen comes held inside a traditional grappa bottle, suspended inside its unique take on a presentation case.

Despite using copper and brass instead of gold, a hammered finish instead of exquisite lacquer, there’s something innately appealing about the Grappa pen. Above all, it’s a pen to be noticed. After all, this is montegrappa.

Montegrappa Grappa Limited Edition Fountain Pen, £1,600

Montegrappa Grappa Limited Edition Fountain Pen

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