Savoy Steam: The New Fragrance from Penhaligon’s

Charles Edwards-Freshwater (Online Editor)
Two delightful new fragrances inspired by Jermyn Street's Turkish baths

One of the oldest and most celebrated perfumers in England, there’s no denying that a new release from Penhaligon’s is always something to look forward to. Having recently played on their quintessentially British charm and quirky persona with their Portraits collection, Penhaligon’s instead have gone down a more traditional route with their latest fragrance release - Savoy Steam.

Inspired by the tradition of gentlemen of old taking a break between their suit fittings and other well respected pursuits and relaxing in traditional Turkish steam baths on Jermyn Street, Penhaligon’s have aimed to capture this delightful image and cloud of fragrances in their new release and have created a feminine version to match so that gentlemen and ladies alike can experience the soothing and invigorating scents that have led to the creation of such an interesting new fragrance.

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Those familiar with Penhaligon’s will realise that this is not the first time the old Turkish baths of Jermyn Street (the home of Penhaligon’s) have been used by the perfumer as inspiration.  Hammam Bouquet is one of their classic fragrances and was the very first scent created by William Penhaligon after he was inspired by the Turkish baths to create fragrances. First scenting the fine gentlemen of London in 1872, whilst this enduring fragrance is certainly iconic in its own right, for 2017 Penhaligon’s created Savoy Steam as homage to it in some respects, taking various elements and heightening them for a new generation of fragrance lovers.

Created to capture the decadent and perfumed aromas of the Turkish baths whilst also introducing the invigorating zing and feeling of refreshment that one attains after a visit to these establishments, Savoy Steam is a fragrance of contrasts and harmony, a juxtaposition between indulgence and lightness that encapsulates exactly what a visit to these bathhouses is all about.

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The Eau de Cologne in particular is an interesting fragrance that highlights this contrast to great effect. Opening with a zesty flourish of lemon primofiore and bergamot, the steam room influences become clear in the heart notes, introducing herbaceous tones of rosemary oil and cooling eucalyptus oil for that sense of lingering freshness. Supporting the fragrance at the foundation are the base notes of white cedarwood oil and fir balsam, two distinctly woody scents that lend the fragrance an extra element of alpine freshness.

The Eau de Parfum on the other hand is a scent which revels in the more intoxicating scents of the Turkish baths. Instantly enveloping the senses with a delicious mix of rosemary oil and vibrant pink pepper, the perfume simmers down to a heart of rose and geranium, classic florals that help to bring the more feminine aspects of this version of Savoy Steam to life.

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Ending with a lingering impression of incense resinoid, the whole perfume echoes with the vision of white marble halls and hot steam, perfumed air dripping down hot walls and that sense of utter relaxation that is artfully depicted in an olfactory way and which will instantly make your mind wander to this vision as soon as you apply a single spritz.

A new pair of fragrances that balance heritage and powerful notes for a completely refreshing experience from first application, Savoy Steam by Penhaligon’s is a testament to the perfumery’s dedication to fine scent and one, that much like Hammam Bouquet, is likely to inspire for generations.

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