The Muses of Lalique

Charles Edwards-Freshwater (Online Editor)
A sensual new collection of pieces inspired by the female form

Since the inception of art itself the female form has reigned as one of the most constant of inspirations. Whether you look at the willowy sculptures of Ancient times or avant garde modern art of today, the female form has been explored and adored for millennia, something which French luxury brand Lalique have set out to continue with their new collection – The Muses.

Classical inspirations and allusions have long held a distinct part of the DNA of Lalique, so for this new collection it makes sense that the brand has once again revisited the magic and splendour of these figures and tales from another world as their muses to create pieces that resonate with sheer art and beauty.

Originally a design first conceived by the brand in 1927, the iconic Bacchantes Vase has received a refreshing new iteration in The Muses collection. A time honoured design that has become a symbol of Lalique and their powers over elegance and the extraordinary, the Bacchantes Vase features numerous women who in mythology were the followers of Bacchus, often indulging in intense frenzies of passion and exotic dancing aided by both inebriation and celebration.

muses 1

Perfectly capturing the softness of the women’s skin through satin finished crystal and the mesmerising movement of the dance of the Bacchantes through the reflection of light, for The Muses collection, and to celebrate its 90th anniversary since its inception, the vase has been updated to a Grand size and highlighted with gold leaves to truly dazzle and add a new element of timeless luxury.

Limited to just ninety pieces, the harmonious combination of crystal and gold lends the vase a certain mystery and allure, the curves of the women made all the more enticing by the hand applied gold leaf whilst the clearer cut of the crustal illuminates and enchants – instantly beguiling the senses with a warm and welcoming shimmer of beauty that allows you to feel exactly how special this piece of art is.

muses 2

Though the classic Bacchantes aesthetic makes up much of the collection in various colours and sizes, another muse that has captured the artists at Lalique is the sinuous form of Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love.  Capturing the graceful body of the beautiful deity in a shimmering crystal decanter, the Aphrodite Vintage Decanter was designed to highlight the flavours of the finest spirits and wines and enters The Muses collection as a new chapter for their decanter designs in general.

Perfectly rendering her pose, beauty and timeless allure in satin finished crystal, the stopper of the decanter allows us to enter a fantasy of fine art and appreciation of the female form, the curves, smooth lines and mastery of how the artisans have metamorphosed the crystal into such an otherworldly form meaning that this decanter is always the ideal option for guarding the sweet tastes of only the finest Grand Crus.

muses 3

Water nymphs who dwell in rivers, wells, fountains and lakes, the ethereal image of the naiad is another classical idea that has transcended through time, now becoming the subject of another striking piece by Lalique – the Naiades Vase. A celebration of Rene Lalique’s timeless love affair with the female body, the Naiades Vase uses satin finished crystal to bring these mermaid like creatures to life, their dancing in the waves and purity of spirit captured to perfection by the shimmering crystal that forms their bodies and surroundings. A striking piece that shares the same jubilation as the Bacchantes Vase, this piece has been handcrafted to the most intricate detail, every tress of hair and elegant shapes of the arms of the nymphs a joy to behold.

A stunning collection which highlights exactly why the female form has become such a celebrated muse for artists all around the world and especially for Lalique, all of the pieces in The Muses collection are elegant and enchanting, individual and impossible to ignore – the perfect interpretation of the female form and a love affair which is as timeless as art itself.

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