The Montegrappa Q1: The 21st Century Fountain Pen

Charles Edwards-Freshwater (Online Editor)

Known for their impeccable writing instruments, it would not be too far fetched to say that Montegrappa have revolutionised the world of luxury pens - a feat they have taken a step further with the introduction of their new Q1 fountain pen.

First seen at Baselworld 2015 alongside a selection of their timepieces, the Q1 is arguably a statement of 21st century craftsmanship and thinking – a pen which defines the current generation. Unashamedly modernistic in its aesthetic, the mixture of cool platinum and fine leather that form the pen barrel and cap are joined by a stainless steel interior, lending the pen a complex internal mechanism that is similar to a gun’s bullet cylinder.

In fact the whole pen was inspired by the precision and power of firearms, though of course the idea behind the pen is one of creation instead of destruction. A tool that has the same precision and use of exquisite materials as the finest guns, but one that can do nothing but create, Montegrappa have followed in the footsteps of other creators echoing firearms in their own pieces, including car manufacturers and camera designers.

That’s not to mean that the beautiful minute details that Montegrappa are synonymous with have been forgotten, and as the instrument remains a true fountain pen to its very core, the nib has received a delicate engraved octagonal pattern – the same textured motif that appears on a segment of the barrel. A masculine and modern aesthetic for sure, however the traditional touch of the Montegrappa logo filigreed onto the 18kt gold nib remains to ensure that the Q1 is nothing but part of the Montegrappa family.

But what makes the Q1 so different from other writing instruments in terms of functionality? The answer is actually rather a lot. There’s no space age ink dispensing system or even trick cartridge- the pen is still a Montegrappa, after all. No, instead the pen has been fitted with a unique multiple cartridge loading system, the product of two years of research that allows the pen to seamlessly write in four different colours.

Entirely contained within the pen barrel, this mechanism allows the user to change ink colour swiftly after a quick flush through of the pen and with the use of the included syringe. However, those who want to add a touch of intrigue to their writing may choose to simply let the ink change colour without cleaning between, the first colour steadily merging into the second as you write.

Limited to only 100 pieces and only available as a fountain pen, the Q1 is presented in a beautiful wooden chest, almost as exclusive as the pen itself. Based upon the robustness and functionality of an ammunition case, the chest is fitted with a number of compartments for the different components of the pen and its cleaning accessories, and comes with spare ink cartridges and auxiliary hardware for maintenance.

A stunning piece of modern craftsmanship that shows the future of the fountain pen to full force, the sleek, contemporary aesthetic and increased functionality of the pen makes the Q1 a very interesting investment. Powerful, durable and of course finished with the Montegrappa flair, the Q1 is taking the humble writing instrument into the next generation with style.

Montegrappa: Q1 Fountain Pen, £6,620

Montegrappa Q1 Fountain Pen

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