The Groucho Club: The Original Bohemian Members Club

Charles Edwards-Freshwater (Online Editor)
A private space for creatives to rest, relax and party

Even today the mere mention of the words private members club can summon an outdated image of chesterfield sofas and crystal tumblers of whiskey, and whilst those types of clubs still exist for the people who prefer them the scene has evolved throughout the years, namely due to The Groucho Club.

Originally opened in 1985, The Groucho Club began life as an alternative to these somewhat stuffy clubs of old, instead offering members a space to rest and relax that was innovative and exciting, constantly evolving and bursting with colour. Dreamt up by a group of publishers, they approached Anthony Mackintosh, the owner of The Zanzibar (a members club in Covent Garden) and Restaurant 192, and by combining the minds behind these establishments The Groucho Club was born.

groucho 1

Set in Soho, the bohemian heart of London, the club initially drew members from the more creative industries, drawing memberships from people in publishing, media, film, music and advertising among many others. Since then this attachment to the arts has only grown, and The Groucho Club remains a creative and exciting space for individuals who want a private members club that offers something different.

During the years The Groucho Club has all but made history, welcoming the likes of Madonna (who booked the whole space for a private party in 1987) to starting a tradition of smaller pop ups around the world to make themselves known to a global market. The Groucho Club even introduced its own series of awards in 2010, celebrating mavericks in the arts and media who have made a particular impact in the creative arts.

Of course, what truly makes a members club is what the club itself has to offer, and here The Groucho Club never fails to impress. Not only acting as a wonderful space to mix and mingle with fellow creatives, the club has twenty bedrooms in varying sizes of available as accommodation, all set above the club in Dean Street and just a short walk away from London’s ‘Theatreland’ as well as Piccadilly Circus, Leicester Square, Oxford Street and Covent Garden.

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Guests of members staying over in these rooms will be granted temporary membership to the club, allowing them to make full use of the facilities and they can also enjoy the club’s famous continental breakfast in bed – a real must after a night at one of the club’s bars.

As well as accommodation the club also features a number of private spaces that can be hired by members and non members alike. Unique, flexible and stylish in every detail, these rooms can be utilised for anything from a small, intimate private dinner to a roaring party for up to three hundred guests. Perfectly adorned with the club’s famous art collection, all of the private spaces are unique and trendy, helping to instantly form a unique atmosphere and tone to your plans or event that is impossible to imitate elsewhere.

Food is the heart and soul of many a private members club in London, and The Groucho Club is certainly no different. Offering cuisine as varied and colourful as its members and they industries they represent, The Groucho Club has a wonderful variety of menus for different occasions, whether you want a light snack at the bar between cocktails (which have an impressive menu of their own) or instead want to have a proper private dining experience with the finest dishes. They even offer tailored menus for specific functions such as meetings or canapés for events, helping you to easily decide what best fits your private event.

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Members clubs pop-ups are certainly nothing new, however those done by The Groucho Club are nonetheless nothing short of spectacular. Hosting parties and experiences as far flung as Brazil and as close to home as Hay-on-Wye, The Groucho Club consistently hosts events that bring their fresh approach to private members clubs and exceptional level of exclusivity to the most interesting of places around the globe, giving people a taste of what makes them special.

A fantastic establishment that has redefined how we think about members clubs, The Groucho Club has become one of London’s most treasured clubs for good reason. A creative whirlwind of fine food, great drinks and private spaces for any function, The Groucho Club is one private members club that will appeal to anyone with a creative streak.

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