The Georg Jensen Gentleman: Highlights from AW15

Charles Edwards-Freshwater (Online Editor)
The Danish silversmith outfits the modern man with their new collections

For over a century, Georg Jensen have beguiled the world with stunning silver creations; sharp feats of craftsmanship that have come to be considered an icon of Danish design and skill. Often introducing innovative ideas into their work, the silversmith are mostly known for their jewellery and homeware products, and whether you think of the Vivianna Torun’s poignant mirror faced watch or the more elaborate designs from the mind of Jensen himself, the marque have always created items with a certain unique allure.

Keeping the spirit of this understated yet sleek style of design true to the core, this year’s men’s collections have introduced a number of items that are nothing if not a testament to the brand’s meticulous eye for detail. Updated for the modern man and yet undeniably part of the Georg Jensen experience, below we look at some out the standouts from the collections this year so that you too can partake in Georg Jensen’s version of the modern man.

Georg Jensen: Koppel Grande Date Annual Calendar Watch, £9,600

Georg Jensen Koppel Grande Date Annual Calendar Watch

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Though Koppel’s watch design originally became part of the Georg Jensen family in 1978, the piece has evolved through the years to become one of the brand’s most recognisable creations.

An understated piece in all regards (you won’t find any flying tourbillions here) the Koppel watch offers gentlemen an experience in uncluttered purity, the white enameled dial and organic exterior an expression of understated elegance. That’s not to mean that the watch is not the pinnacle of precision however, and true to the Georg Jensen approach to craftsmanship the Swiss made movement inside the timepiece delivers a high level of technical performance.

Finished with a brown alligator leather strap and an 18k gold pin, the watch may not have the futuristic tendencies of many of the timepieces of the modern day, but it’s sharp and understated approach is ideal for gentlemen who prefer to keep things simple and sophisticated.

Georg Jensen: Smithy Fountain Pen, £980

Georg Jensen Smithy Fountain Pen

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As silversmithing still forms the heart of Georg Jensen, it’s unsurprising that the brand’s foray into the world of writing instruments resulted in a piece that focuses on one specific technique from the craft- hammering. Traditionally used to add texture and to forge the silver into new shapes, hammering is a technique that has been used in the whole of the Smithy collection by Georg Jensen, resulting in pieces that are all completely unique due to the different pressures of impact.

Made by a singular craftsman, the Smithy Fountain Pen combines a barrel of hammered silver with touches of rhodium and black lacquer, resulting in a pen that is one of a kind from first glance. Able to flow seamlessly across paper and make a statement whilst doing so, the Smithy pen is just as iconic as your signature and equally hard to forget.

Georg Jensen: Art Deco Ring, £215

Georg Jensen Art Deco Ring

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The renaissance of art deco style shows no sign of stopping, and in honour of this Georg Jensen have translated the world's fascination with the past into a stunning new range of masculine jewellery. Formed from sterling silver and panels of monochrome enamel, one particular piece that stands out in the collection is the Art Deco Ring.

Based on a heritage design from the vaults of Georg Jensen that dates back to the Art Deco era itself, the ring has a distinctly energetic and eclectic vibe, the shining panels of enamel and silver sheen an edgy and powerful expression of the more artistic side of the modern gentleman. After all, sometimes it’s good to look to the past to make the most of the present.

Georg Jensen: Travel Wallet in Black and Purple, £510

Georg Jensen Travel Wallet in Black and Purple

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Leatherwork may is certainly one of the newer skills that Georg Jensen have demonstrated in this year’s collections, but those in doubt of the silversmith’s ability to convey mastery over the material would be silenced instantly by just a glance at their black and purple Travel Wallet.

Another piece that aims to bring back the glory of the art deco style that Georg Jensen himself mastered in the 20’s and 30’s, the travel wallet is distinctive and robust, understated but with a slight flair of early century style. Crafted from black Italian calf leather patterned with a sharp saffiano print, opening the polished metal zipper on the wallet reveals a sumptuous, royal purple calf leather interior, a perfect space for keeping all of your travel essentials.

Decorated with a single metallic GJ logo on the outside, the travel wallet is the ideal choice for the man on the move - the modern day gentleman who likes to keep things organised and stylish no matter where his lifestyle takes him.

Georg Jensen: Smithy Cufflinks, £210

Georg Jensen Smithy Cufflinks

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An unusual way to add interest to your evening wear, Georg Jensen’s Smithy Cufflinks follow the same techniques used by the aforementioned fountain pen, but make the hammered silver more of a focal point. Comprised of a small rectangle of the unique precious metal, the design of the cufflinks is made more fascinating with the further detail of a circle of smaller welts on the face of each piece, adding a touch of intrigue.

A perfect partnership of pared down minimalism and distinctive design, the Smithy Cufflinks are a subtle way of introducing a flash of traditional technique to your evening attire and are a pair of cufflinks that will definitely attract attention from those with a sharp eye for style.

Georg Jensen: Smithy Detachable Belt, £270

Smithy Detachable Belt

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A perfect unison of Georg Jensen’s classic silversmithing and their more recent skills in leatherwork, the Smithy belt is a practical piece that blends tradition and innovation. The soft, calf leather used for the belt strap offers a comfortable fit, whilst the signature Smithy buckle, of course formed from hammered silver, makes a distinctive style statement.

Able to be detached for those occasions when you want your belt to be simple, the buckle has been detailed with the same welts as the smithy cufflinks, their circular formation adding another aspect to the minimalist design.

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