The Force Awakens: S.T. Dupont’s Levitating Lightsaber Pen

Charles Edwards-Freshwater (Online Editor)
A New Hope for discerning Star Wars fans

With the newest box office smash of the series The Force Awakens hitting shelves today on DVD and Blu-ray, we couldn’t help ourselves but have a look at some of the most exciting Star Wars themed merchandise out there.

S.T.Dupont are certainly no stranger to 6the franchise already with their Defi X-Wing and TIE Fighter writing instruments already being some of the most covetable pieces of merch available, however it is their levitating lightsaber pen that is truly the best choice for those who want to master The Force...even when simply writing a cheque.

No matter how big of a fan of the films you are, you have to admit that a lot of the pieces created alongside them are heading more towards the realms of lacklustre rather than worthy of a true Jedi master, and even though there are certainly some standouts it’s rare to find a piece as well executed and as stunningly functional as the lightsaber pen from S.T.Dupont.

Available in two variations and limited to only eight in the entire world (a fact that will either make you want to collect both or seriously consider where your allegiances lie in regards to the Dark Side or the Jedi) these exquisite writing instruments have been formed from bronze with black lacquer, palladium and rhodium details bringing the shape of the lightsaber to life. The Darth Vader edition features a brilliantly cut red topaz at the end and Yoda’s version boasts the same in an intergalactic acid green so that you can choose your side of the battle and display your loyalty with pride.

Whilst these details alone make these pens an almost picture perfect representation of the sci-fi technology we’ve all come to know and love, the most impressive part of these pens is the way you can use The Force to make them float in the air.’s technically magnets, but the visual is the same regardless. Coupled alongside a bronze base that conceals a levitation device, the pen when not in use simply lies suspended in the air, an automatic “lock” fixing it in place so that it will remain there unmoving until ready for use.

The ideal third part of the trilogy for those who want to collect all of S.T.Dupont’s space age writing instruments and a piece only for the most diehard and discerning of Star Wars lovers, the levitating lightsaber pen is a creation that stands as a testament to both S.T.Dupont’s craftsmanship and their imagination, a writing instrument of which can truly be said “The Force is strong in this one.”

S.T.Dupont: Levitating Lightsaber Pen, £20,000

S.T.Dupont Levitating Lightsaber Pen

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