The First Ever Sotogrande Grand Prix

Charles Edwards-Freshwater (Online Editor)
A dazzling display of classic cars in one of Spain's most exclusive residential developments

By many accounts the Sotogrande is one of Spain’s finest hidden residential treasures. A centre of relaxed beauty and inimitable glamour, the area has been a key part of the laid back, Mediterranean take on luxury for which Andalusia prides itself upon. Recent regenerated to include all manner of beautiful amenities and striking properties, this chic oasis is only an hour away from Malaga airport and the airport itself has even given the development its own lounge in the airport – instantly allowing you to feel the exclusive benefits as soon as you arrive in the country.

From the marvellous golf course of La Reserva to the highly coveted THE SEVEN collection of villas which are famed for being designed by seven different architects and their excellent sea views, the whole area has become an iconic part of Andalusia and Spanish luxury in general – something that is only about to become ever more prominent with the introduction of the Sotogrande Grand Prix.

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A spectacular international rally of vintage classic cars (pre-dating 1965) and a showcase of premium cars that is likely to give even Goodwood Revival a run for its money, the Sotogrande Grand Prix is an event that is set to bring a further level of distinction to the area, attracting racing aficionados and keen petrolheads from around the world to witness and participate in a spectacle of fun and fast cars. Echoing the vintage allure of the resort, this event is also the first Andalusian edition of the Zoute Grand Prix, the classic car race which has become one of the most prestigious in Europe.

Taking place on the 24th – 27th May 2017, this exciting Grand Prix will feature five major events over the course of the three days, each one focusing on the flawless mechanics of the cars, the exceptional workmanship gone into restoring and preserving them and the general celebration of vintage car models from a bygone era as well as those which are set to usher us into the near future.

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Arguably the highlight of this Grand Prix is the new Sotogrande Rally. A three day route throughout Andalusia which starts at the Plaza d’Espagna in Seville, the route then stops over in the beautiful sights of Cordoba before finishing in Sotogrande. A timed event or a more casual promenade depending on your skills/ competitive ambitions, this delightful rally will see drivers zoom across 300km of the Andalusia’s most striking scenery and will even have celebratory evening events held in exclusive venues in the evenings along the way for drivers and their guests.

It’s not all racing across the Spanish countryside however, and those in attendance at the Sotogrande Grand Prix are also likely to be interested in the car sale in the association with the auction house Bonhams. A wonderful chance to purchase your own authentic vintage automobile as well as the finest car related fashion, luggage and accessories, this sale will allow all those visiting to really get into the spirit of the day and a unique glance at the classic cars and other paraphernalia that truly encapsulate the golden era of racing.

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No automobile event is complete without a Concours d’Elegance, and here visitors will see only the very finest vintage cars on parade, all of them judged by a set of scrupulous guidelines devised by the International Chief Advisory Group whom will separate the stars from the rest. If you want to look towards the future instead of the past however, a number of prestigious marques will display their newest models and premieres against the idyllic backdrop of the Marina Sotogrande and La Riviera, welcoming in a new era of automobile excellence whilst the classics fight for the titles.

Though every day of this lively new competition will be non-stop action, the last day in particular has another event that is not to be missed – the Sotogrande GT Tour. A beautiful brigade of fifty exclusive and modern GT’s (built between 1996 and the present day) are invited to push the peddle to the metal in an exhibition of speed and agility on the stunning surrounding Andalusian countryside as well as a series of tests on closed tracks, proving to the crowds their worth and ending the Grand Prix with a celebration of the future of automobile power and prowess.

A wonderful event that serves to only increase the allure of the exclusive Sotogrande area, the Sotogrande Grand Prix is pegged to be one of the must see events of the season. After all, if a combination of classic cars, vintage delights and high speed racing in one of the most picturesque parts of Spain doesn’t appeal, we’re not sure what will.

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