Elegant Italian Villas to Rent for the Concorso d’Eleganza

Charles Edwards-Freshwater (Online Editor)
Stunning properties around Lake Como

As the birthplace of some of the most iconic motoring marques in the world including Ferrari, Bugatti, Maserati and Lamborghini, it makes sense that Italy is also home to one of the most highly anticipated annual Concours d’Elegance.

Taking place on the grounds of Lake Como’s most prestigious and iconic hotel the Grand Hotel Villa d’Este, this year Concorso d’Eleganza offers guests the chance to admire and immerse themselves into a world of fine motors dating back to the 1920s-1980s, all organised by different categories.

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Taking place from Friday the 26th May until the Sunday the 28th May, the show splits all of these rare cars and beautiful motorbikes into categories grouping together vehicles that define a certain age or era or even feel, easily ensuring that you can focus on the period of automobile elegance that particularly appeals to you or all of them if you want to experience the history of motoring in motion.

From Speed Demons, which sees the very best endurance cars from the Pioneer age, Travelling in Style, which shows cars from around the world built within a forty-year time scale, and to the Fast and Flamboyant, which shows the cars that playboys from around the world would have driven in their heyday along with many others, the event is one guaranteed to appeal to any type of petrol head who appreciates the finest vehicles from throughout the ages.

Of course, due to the popularity of the Concorso d’Eleganza, finding accommodation that is at a level befitting the glamour of this event is no easy task, especially when considering Lake Como is already one of the most sought after locations in the country. However, this is where My Private Villas come into play.


Known for their wonderful portfolio of only the most exclusive and luxurious properties to be found, My Private Villas have a number of wonderful properties within easy access of this year’s Concorso d’Eleganza, and below we look at the best.

Widely regarded as one of the most charming properties in the Lake Como area, Villa Balbiano is one of those properties that is an absolute delight in every single aspect. Surrounded by almost three acres of lawns and lush gardens dotted with statues and fountains, the grounds include private access to the lake and a large swimming pool. The villa itself is a wonderful example of traditional Italian architecture.

Originally the house of the imposing art collector Cardinal Durini, Villa Balbiano is awash with authentic period details including restored Baroque frescoes and marvellous antiques that lend a timeless air of luxury.  Home to six bedrooms that can hold up to twelve guests between them, as well as boasting a library, dining area and three salons, the villa is the perfect choice for people who want to lose themselves in a gorgeous villa for the duration of the Concorso d’Eleganza which is every bit as exquisite as the motors on show.

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Another wonderful property to stay in during the duration of this event is Villa Passalacqua. Dating all the way back to 1700, this impressive heritage filled property was originally the home of Count Passalacqua who inherited it from the Papal family. Acting as the home to legends such as Vincenzo Bellini (who composed four operas within its walls) and having been visited by iconic historical figures such as Winston Churchill and Napoleon Bonaparte, the villa runs from high up to the picturesque village of Moltrasio and goes all of the way down to the lake’s shore, and is one of the most iconic properties in the area.

Surrounded by lush grounds filled with fruit trees and olive groves as well as beds of fresh vegetables that guests can enjoy during their stay, the property also features a swimming terrace that has a large swimming pool. There is also a beautiful 200-year-old greenhouse that those who stay can explore in their free time. Though the exterior of the property is simple and clean, the interior is lavishly appointed and features decorated ceilings and Venetian chandeliers, statues and antiques in every nook and cranny and is a grand testament to the illustrious history that the building holds.

With nine bedrooms able to accommodate up to 23 guests and wonderful features such as a dining room featuring an authentic fresco by the famous neoclassical artist Andrea Appiani and a fully stocked wine cellar, the Villa Passalacqua is undoubtedly a lavish and stylish property that will make every moment of the stay something to be treasured.

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The third and final of these exclusive villas from My Private Villas is the stunning Villa La Cassinella. Residing on the western shores of Lake Como, this imposing villa has 30,000sqm of gardens and is a definitive beacon of luxury. Sharing the Punto di Lavedo with the previously mentioned Villa Balbiano, La Cassinella is equally regarded as one of the finest properties in the whole area, something which even a single glance will make clear as to why.

Consisting of three separate houses which have all been fitted with the very best in modern facilities, the main house, in particular, is incredibly beautiful and features marble flooring and a grand lobby with wrought iron railings. Formal living rooms and delightful al fresco dining areas mean that there are always sumptuous spaces to relax in, and should you really want to treat yourself you can also head to the cinema, spacious swimming pool and Technogym which are enclosed inside the second of the three villas.

The third villa is home to bedrooms with wonderful mountain and lake views, as well as to living and kitchen facilities, making La Cassinella the ideal choice for parties of people who want to split up and have their own space but still remain close together. Able to accommodate a group of up to 17 guests, Villa La Cassinella is a sumptuous property that combines the modern age with classic luxury, and one which makes the ideal backdrop for a visit to the Concorso d’Eleganza should you want to stay somewhere oozing with as much style as the classic cars and motorbikes.

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