Dan Roberts: The 100-Day Transformation

Intensive training to become an athlete in just three months

In many respects, 100 days is a long time. It is, after all, three whole months and a third of a year and there’s a lot that can be achieved in that time. Yet a fully-fledged physical transformation? To many that might seem to be going a bit too far, yet for celebrity personal trainer Dan Roberts, it’s well within the bounds of possibility.

For actors, actresses and models, individuals whose entire careers depend on how they look, appearance is vital not only in being offered a role, but in making sure that they can carry it off perfectly. However, while many may slim down by dieting or bulk up with weights, real physical fitness is more than skin deep. In many ways, it is this message that is at the heart of Dan Roberts’ world-renowned personal training empire.

Having trained originally in the world of professional athletes, Dan’s approach is fittingly sports led. Combining various sports and disciplines together, these elements are woven into a bespoke fitness plan for each client individually. The programmes are tailored not only to what the clients need to achieve, but what they enjoy. To Dan and his team, fitness shouldn’t be a chore. It should be something you want to do and keep doing.

It’s for this reason that Dan’s clients never find themselves monotonously lugging weights or going nowhere for endless hours on a treadmill. Instead they might find themselves learning everything from yoga to kickboxing. Rather than an image fix, in many ways they offer a life change. It is these philosophies of fitness that are distilled into Dan Roberts’ signature programme – the 100-Day Transformation.

Originally conceived when an international actress needed to prepare for a role and become ‘athletic’ in precisely three months, Dan devised an intensive plan of exercise for just that timeframe. The results were astounding, enough so that Dan decided to offer it to his clients permanently. An all-encompassing, intensive training programme, the three months will see the participant begin to not only look the part, but feel it.

The first step is a preliminary assessment, carried out by world-renowned sports scientist Dr Mackenzie at the Westminster University Sports Lab. From this he can deduce every aspect of an individual’s fitness and thus the areas they need to work on to achieve their goal. This assessment helps guide the activities and intensity of the first workouts and, with additional visits throughout the three months, will show exactly how you are progressing. This essentially provides the scientific and medical backing to the whole process – both dictating the process and providing empirical proof of its success.

From there the fun begins. For three hours a day, five days a week clients will train with Dan himself, working on the exercises and sports that will eventually get the desired results. Yet this is all the scheduling there is. In the spirit of keeping things interesting, those three hours could be spent running through the park or sparring, on a yoga matt or up a climbing wall. No matter what you find yourself doing, it will contribute in some way to your fitness, leading eventually to an entirely new you. Many of Dan’s clients have ended up becoming enthralled with sports they had until then never tried. Even aside from the spectacular results in terms of fitness, finding something new you love doing is life-changing in itself.

Yet while rock-climbing and kickboxing might sound exciting, expect to be challenged and prepare to be pushed well outside your comfort zone. Transformation is not easy. If you say you don’t like running, don’t be surprised when the first day is spent on the track, pushing to the limit. While enjoyment might be at the centre of the programme, results demand determined effort and, if running is the thing that will help the most, running it will be. However it’s not all about simply forcing clients out of their comfort zone. There might be reasons you don’t like certain sports or exercises, ones which Dan will be on hand endeavouring to rectify. It’s that kind of personal touch that has models, actors and actresses from around the world lining up to take part in the programme.

When you exercise every day to such levels, nutrition plays a key part in maintaining your strength. With partners such as The Pure Package and Laurent Bannock, you will get all the dietary support you need. The Pure Package will deliver balanced, nutritional meals to your home, while Laurent Bannock’s sports-nutrition expertise will be used to devise a bespoke supplement routine. Together they will ensure you have the energy to keep going and the necessary nutrition to make the most of the programme’s intense sessions.

100 days is a long time. Markets can change, fashions can alter, and you can transform yourself. With his hand-on, personal approach, sports-orientated workouts and constant support, both motivational and nutritional, Dan Robert’s signature programme is a revelation. While it might take considerable investments, the results speak for themselves. Just think, three months from now you could be an athlete…


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