Dan Roberts: Dedicated to Fitness

We talk to the world-renowned personal trainer about what sets his eponymous company apart

It’s no secret that physical wellbeing has a huge impact not just on health but on happiness. Looking and feeling good in yourself is often far more important than many give it credit for, especially in the warmer months. There are also those whose livelihoods rely on being in peak physical condition – models, actors, athletes – and, whether self-improvers or professionals, one personal trainer is on the lips of celebrities and fitness fanatics alike.

Since 2002 Dan Roberts has been personal trainer to the stars, using a multi-disciplinary approach to fitness that has made both him and his eponymous company a lifeline for the globally wealthy and famous. Having started coaching sports teams as far back as 1993, it perhaps comes as little surprise that Dan is well-used to working with a wide spectrum of individuals. ‘We work with a lot of Fashion Models and Hollywood based Actors preparing for films,’ explains Dan. ‘We also have our fair share of CEO's, Royal families and Full time Athletes. No matter your job, fame, fitness level or personality; we all have fitness goals we want achieving.'

Strength & conditioning, athletics, power lifting, yoga, sports, pilates, parkour, boxing, martial arts, Zen philosophy, applied psychology optimal nutrition and in his own words. 'the lost arts of having fun and playing' are all elements of the company training philosophy a.k.a The Dan Roberts Method. From these specialist areas, each client is given a unique fitness and wellbeing plan which reaches their goals and challenges them to become more in touch with their athletic self. It is this individual offering that has made Dan and his team so successful and, ten years on from the founding of his company the enterprise has expanded considerably.

‘For the first 10 years,’ explains Dan, ‘it was just me literally training people 24/7! Now Dan Roberts Personal Training is company, within an umbrella of The Dan Roberts Group.We have great team of specialist trainers, which our clients adore. We are like family! Even though consulting, writing books and running companies is part of my routine, coaching is my biggest passion. I still work with private clients and I love seeing them embrace out method, transforming their body from the inside out..’

Of course, it’s not just a case of hiring Dan Roberts Personal training and sitting back expecting to get fit. Gaining a stone of muscle for an acting role or getting into marathon-standard levels of fitness, these are possible even in a relatively short time frame. Yet the clients themselves have to have the right outlook, enough drive to see it through to the end. ‘We are big believers in doing things properly,’ says Dan. ‘So if you need to lose 8 stone or get ready for a world tour then let’s not just try and do it, let’s just do it! No excuses.’

Of course, motivation is a two-way street and, even if someone would not normally have the right attitude, Dan Roberts’ support team is there to help. ‘We will take you by the hand and make sure you get what you need. Our clients either see us or talk to us every day, often twice day.’ This support is hugely important. It allows clients to get more out of Dan Roberts Personal Training than physical sessions, ensuring as well that every aspect of their day-to-day life is geared towards their ultimate fitness goal. It is a service that Dan sees as integral to his way of working: ‘We have a reputation for customer care that I have worked long and hard for. As a company and a brand 5 star customer service is of fundamental importance; This is why we this particular company of mine must remain small and exclusive. Personal attention is key.’

Indeed, the reputation of Dan Roberts Personal Training has been more than nurtured. In recent years it has gone stratospheric, not just in the UK but internationally. A-list actors, Supermodels and company executives from around the world have come to Dan Roberts and, and with his retreats all over the world and the Dan Roberts qualifications soon to launch, this is luxury brand to watch. The founder himself puts this down to a number of factors.

‘Firstly, I myself have travelled a lot and built up a good reputation in New York, Rio and Sydney as a coach. Secondly, I'm often featured in the UK, Middle East and the USA media as as one of the world’s best trainers. Thirdly - we have a very international s social media presence and provide daily email fitness and wellbeing tips to our all our amazing followers & supporters.'

An international reputation and a following of many of the most influential people in the world are rather good indicators of precisely what Dan Roberts can achieve, yet what exactly can clients expect to get out of their training? While it depends on their exact goals – be it sculpting for a lingerie shoot, learning to do stunt work for a film or dramatic and long term weight loss in aid of personal health – there are certain things that Dan Roberts aims for no matter what.

‘Looking better, increased health, more energy, improved posture, these are all elements our clients take away from our programmes. Then there’s the learning of new skills - martial arts, Pilates, Sprinting & power lifting are all part of our signature 100 day programme. Most of all however we strive to help our clients enjoy a better relationship with their body and fitness. At the end of the day,what we do is simple - we challenge and inspire our clients to help them truly love their body'


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