D-Table: Furniture and Technology Combined

Charles Edwards-Freshwater (Online Editor)
An innovative new interior concept

In the modern age technology has come to define life on a daily basis. Connected to work, socialising and even recreation there’s rarely a time when we don’t have technology at our fingertips, and yet it’s uncommon we are faced with technology being integrated into our lives in new and innovative ways.  After all, we will all rush out for the latest phone or laptop, but what if we were given the opportunity to explore all of the latest apps in a way that was daring and unique?

This is exactly what makes the new D-Table such an intriguing premise. An innovative and futuristic merger between furniture and state of the art touchscreen tech, the D-Table is an interior piece that offers people the chance to have a statement piece of furniture that also doubles up as a highly interactive and impressive piece of technology.


The man behind this impressive invention is Italian entrepreneur Danilo Cascella. Child of the Umberto and Fiorella Cascella who founded the CASCELLA series of stores, Danilo first began his design career by working in the UK and the USA before returning home to Italy to take over the family business. In 2013 Danilo helped Samsung integrate a Samsung Lounge at the Porto Cervo CASCELLA store, and it was this process that inspired him to start seeing design and technology together, a seed of innovation and creativity that lead to the D-Table’s design.

First and foremost what really sets the D-Table apart is the unique marriage of technology and interior splendour. A highly customisable piece that can be made to suit any aesthetic, the table is a stunning blend of artisanal work and fast paced technological features that give you access to the internet and all of your favourite apps at just a simple swipe of a finger. Due to this the table is suited to all environments, bringing an exciting statement piece to any area that requires that stand out piece of furniture to truly come together.


Able to be integrated into your home, your yacht or private jet, or even your workplace, one of the best aspects of the D-Table is its sheer versatility. Regardless of if you decide to utilise its technology to become more organised at work or would rather use it mostly as a tool to relax when you’re at home, the D-Table’s state of the art technology adapts instantly to your needs, allowing you to download the programs and functions you would like onto the touchscreen interface and helping you to discover technology in a whole new way.

Of course, being an Italian invention the D-able is also one that exudes beauty from a single glance. Continuing the country’s passion for the “Bella Figura” – the idea of the beautiful figure that dictates so much of the art, design, manners and social etiquette of the country, Danilo designed every iteration of the D-Table to have the smooth lines and sleek silhouette that we attribute to this unique Italian vision, instantly ensuring that each one no matter how personalised is a beautiful piece of furniture regardless of the technology within.


An invention that has revolutionised the furniture industry and one which perfectly captures that necessary blend of modern innovation and art, the D-Table is an extraordinary piece that will bring the best out of any interior space. Incredibly intuitive and designed to suit your needs as an individual as well as be a striking piece of interior design, it is a piece of furniture that embodies the spirit of the Digital Age as well as the nuances of fine Italian design resulting in one of a kind experience that will never fail to impress.

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