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Charles Edwards-Freshwater (Online Editor)
Furniture for children brimming with imagination and style

Imagination is vital to a child’s development. After all, it’s the whimsical wonders such as stories of dragons and imaginary games that help to form their personalities, transforming their thoughts and dreams into a part of who they are through playing and environment alike.

Setting out to create luxurious children’s furniture that helps every dream become a reality, Portuguese brand Circu have started a revolution in children’s furnishings, not only creating pieces that buzz with magic and inspiration but also ones which help children to learn and explore their rooms with a sense of wonder – nurturing their imagination so that they can make the most of their childhood.

Whilst we’ve covered their mermaid beds and magic mirrors before, Circu recently unveiled a whole new selection of exciting pieces at Maison Objet in Paris, revealing that their whimsical approach to wonderful furniture is far from over.  

circu 1

One of the standouts of these new pieces is undoubtedly their Teepee Room Bed. Echoing the Native American structures that once served as their homes, this bed was inspired by Pocahontas and her love of freedom and nature.  In recent years teepees have become more and more popular for furnishing nurseries and play rooms, and because of this Circu have ensured that their tepee stands head and shoulders above the rest. Enclosing a hidden bed with storage space underneath as well as on the walls, the Teepee Room Bed also has a detachable storage toy box on wheels which your children can take around the room at their leisure.

Perfect for any boy or girl who wants to transform their room with the taste of the Wild West, this tepee is also a fun and luxurious sanctuary that will make sure that bedtime becomes something to look forward to instead of something to avoid at all costs.

Another fun fantasy that Circu have recently introduced is their Bun Van Bed. An iconic reinterpretation of a Volkswagen Camper Van which has been widely regarded for generations as the ultimate symbol of a laid back lifestyle and fun and freedom, this bed is a miniature version of one of these incredible vehicles, housing inside a bed, storage space, desk, a sofa and even a mini fridge so that your child can have a self contained den that is strictly no adults allowed.

circu 2

Formed from fibreglass with chrome plated finishes, this luxurious little haven is also lined with palisander wood and other fine materials so that it will last a lifetime of play. Gorgeously realised and perfect for any little man or miss who wants every day to be an adventure, the Bun Van Bed is an exceptional piece of furniture that will let their imaginations go on a journey whenever they lay down to sleep.

Flying through the skies is something that we canal dream of, and what better way to let your imagination soar through the clouds than Circu’s Sky B Plane Bed? A striking yellow biplane style piece of furniture that takes inspiration from the characters of the Disney movie “Planes”, this piece features storage compartments stylised to look like suitcases that help your child climb in and out of the sleeping cockpit.

Purposefully a little on the smaller side, this bed has been specifically created for the tricky crib to bed transition, helping your little ones learn to enjoy their new space without the worry of them ever getting bored of bedtime.

circu 3

Toy boxes are rarely glamorous, so why not break the mould with the beautiful Gold Box by Circu? Available in gold, silver and copper leaf, this luxurious toy box has been designed to look exactly like a gold ingot and has a secret rotating clover detail that reveals extra storage for those extra special treasures. Beautifully formed and lined in velvet, this toy box was inspired by the lovable Scrooge McDuck and is every bit as opulent and extravagant as the character himself and something that will add touch of treasure to any nursery that needs something exciting.

A wonderful array of fantastical furniture that will never fail to inspire your children’s imaginations, Circu has yet again proven that the world of luxury furniture and age are not mutually exclusive. Finely formed and bursting with dreams and desires, Circu helps every room become a wonderland of play and discovery, and what could be more magical than that?

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