Chewton Glen’s Next Culinary Chapter

Charles Edwards-Freshwater (Online Editor)
Chewton Glen continues to innovative and excite

As well as being one of the most celebrated countryside hotels in the whole of the United Kingdom, Chewton Glen has always attracted a diverse range of guests entirely due to the culinary excellence of its dining options. Serving typically English fare to the totally cosmopolitan, The Dining Room has long held the honour of being Chewton Glen’s most impressive eatery, using many ingredients often grown on site or that have travelled less than 100 miles to get there.

Though Chewton Glen’s culinary repertoire is expanding with the opening of The Kitchen Cookery School and Restaurant next month, The Dining Room remains a solid part of the countryside hotel’s identity, always serving fresh food bursting with flavours that allows guests to explore new avenues of their palate whilst enjoying seamlessly sophisticated surroundings.  Of course, the mark of a good restaurant is constant evolution, and in light of this The Dining Room has recently appointed a new Head Chef – the highly talented Simon Addison.


Perhaps what has always made The Dining Room such a fantastic place to experience fine cuisine is that it is one of those restaurants that changes with the season. Focusing on fresh produce which reflects the flavours of the month, dishes at The Dining Room are always exciting and elegantly done, giving guests options on what they want without ever falling into the old stereotype of countryside hotel dining being too “clever”.  Now set to continue this innovative and enduring approach to fine food, Simon Addison is a chef whose skills precede him in more ways than one.

Making the move from the beautiful Homewood Park Hotel & Spa in Bath to the lush surroundings of Chewton Glen, Addison’s resume also holds his position at The Woodspeen Restaurant and Cookery School in Newbury – a wonderful location where he honed the skills that have led to him to becoming the new heart of Chewton Glen’s renowned restaurant.  Regarded as a bright talent and master of flavours, it is his love of food that shines through in his dishes – his passion for mastering classic and contemporary dishes alike making him the perfect figurehead for The Dining Room as a five star establishment.

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Andrew Stembridge, the Managing Director of Chewton Glen said “We are thrilled to have been able to find someone as bright and talented as Simon to bolster the kitchen brigade and help lead The Dining Room to even greater culinary heights” whilst Simon himself added that “Chewton Glen has always been on my radar. The atmosphere in the kitchen is great, and the team and I are looking to introduce some exciting menu changes, while respecting the favourites that guests love.”

He then continued to say that “The Dining Room is surprisingly relaxed, and it is the perfect showcase for my Modern British style of food. I also want to maximise the use of the phenomenal Hampshire and south of England local ingredients throughout our menus” - a statement that shows his dedication to keeping The Dining Room’s core characteristic of local produce and elegant British dishes at the focal point for a new era.

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This change in command gives Luke Matthews, the celebrated Executive Chef of Chewton Glen a chance instead to focus on the hotel’s new culinary project – The Kitchen. By teaming up with celebrity chef and presenter James Martin to offer cooking lessons as well as casual dining in a new and fresh dining destination in the hotel’s grounds, Luke Matthews has helped to  ensure that Chewton Glen is set to have 2017 as the beginning of a very interesting new chapter in their culinary history, and one which we among many others can’t wait to experience.

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