Blue Forest: Entering The Faun’s Realm

Charles Edwards-Freshwater (Online Editor)
We look at Blue Forest's latest treehouse for children

If there’s one thing that Blue Forest continually delivers with their bespoke projects it’s a sense of whimsy and unique beauty. No matter whether they’ve been commissioned to build a woodland kitchen or art studio, family home or beach bar, it is their innate knowledge of materials and setting that allow them to form reality out of even the most fantastical of ideas – something they especially go above and beyond with when building structures for children.

Of course, the very concept of a treehouse is usually something built for kids, and here is where Blue Forest let their imagination really shine through.  By concentrating on interactive features and a sheer sense of magical discovery, Blue Forest create treehouses for children that are sensational and unlike any other, magical kingdoms that merge into their surroundings for a play space that will be treasured throughout their whole childhood.

faun 1

One of the most striking examples of their treehouses for children is one they recently worked on as a bespoke project – The Faun’s Realm Treehouse. Located in Berkshire, what really sets this design apart is that the children themselves had input to many of the features, helping make their own magical kingdom come to life with bespoke details that helped their playtime become all the more immersive.

The exterior seems plucked from the far flung tales of Narnia, every single detail summoning a fairytale of design that is perfectly suited to create a space where kids can let their imaginations run wild. Copper dragon scale tiles adorn a castle turret roof, whilst the furniture inside has also received a similar fairytale flourish, the table and chairs carved to resemble giant toadstools for that Alice in Wonderland effect. Mostly inspired by the intrepid adventures of C.S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia, it’s hard not to imagine yourself crossing the Eastern Ocean to the fabled World’s End as you run across the rope bridge or pretend that your are captaining the Dawn Treader skimming through the waves as you look out over the satellite deck and hoist up maps and battle plans using the bucket and pulley.

faun 2

The interior of the treehouse is equally as interactive and magical, and opening the doors to a room filled with beams covered in blossoms and where glowing moon orbs light the ceiling, it’s easy to see how Blue Forest have translated their magical inspirations into a play space that constantly offers something new and enchanting - an interior world where children can transform their games to fit the surroundings as well as integrate the decor into their fantasies if they like.

Beautifully furnished to the very highest standards, multiple features have been included by Blue Forest to help the treehouse become as spacious and exciting as possible. With hidden toy storage areas to a cosy bay window seat for simply relaxing, the room has been built with the idea of secrecy and discovery in mind, helping your kids hide their treasures and enjoy that sense of privacy and fun that is taken straight from any childhood adventure. 

faun 3

One of the most beautiful parts of the interior is a great oak hand-carved wardrobe – another nod towards the Narnia stories that opens up to reveal a beautiful looking glass surrounded by twinkling fairy lights on the door and a rail of old fur coats. Pushing your way through these coats you discover a smaller door that opens up to reveal one of the best features of the whole design – a silver slide that lets you zoom directly outside into the surrounding woodland.

A whimsical project that brings the magic of time honoured tales to life, the Faun’s Realm Treehouse by Blue Forest is just an example of what they are truly capable when bringing your children’s dreams to life. By taking design ideas from you and your kids, Blue Forest will transform your ideas into a space that is enchanting and unique, eco friendly and perfectly suited to the surroundings – creating the ultimate treehouse that will become a core part of their childhood and make memories for many years to come.

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