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Sam Kessler (Online Editor)
The audio specialist's customisable 5 Series sound systems

Have you ever set up your perfect sound system, multi-channel speakers, amps and all, and realised that it just doesn’t go with the décor? Ok so it’s not generally a problem that crops up all that often; you opt for high-end audio for how they sound, not how they look.

But then, if you have the option, wouldn’t you prefer speakers which fit your home and personal style perfectly? Granted there are plenty of systems out there which have a certain sculptural beauty to them, but even then the number of finishes is finite.

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If you have a clear vision for what your home should look like, you don’t want anything spoiling it. Even if your music couldn’t sound better, you’ll constantly be reminded that your speakers don’t quite fit aesthetically. In their new Series 5 loudspeakers, Linn just may have helped solve the problem.

The British manufacturer has always had an eye for style; their legendary turntable remains one of the most elegant pieces of audio equipment ever made. Their pair of Series 5 systems might not be quite so graceful – if anything they’re a little boxy – but there’s no denying that they’re excellent at what they do.

First is the 530 system. Far lighter and more compact than most speakers approaching this quality of sound, they’re perfect for people that appreciate amazing sound without the hassle of different separates all over the place. Everything, including the amp, is housed within the unobtrusive pillar.

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It doesn’t even matter all that much where you place them. The in-built Space Optimisation+ software optimises the 530 according to the size of and its location in the room. It can also be fully integrated to your digital network, meaning that it can stream all of your digital music.

The only downside is that, while more compact than most, they’re still not exactly small. That’s where the 520 comes in, the little sister to the 530. Thanks to its size, the 520 can be fit into even more spaces, restrained and unobtrusive. While this does follow through to their slightly more pared-back performance, it’s a slight difference that, if you’re looking at them from a non-audiophile perspective, won’t matter much.

Linn 530 System, From £12,000

Linn 530 System

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So it’s obvious that the 5 Series is already pretty good for the design-conscious; they’re compact, unobtrusive and easy to set up. But Linn have taken things one step further. You can now get them covered in your choice of ‘Fabrik.’

Ranging from block colours in a multitude of hues to the likes of Harris Tweed and artistic patterns, you can get your Series 5 speakers covered in a near limitless array of fabrics. The ever-expanding range lets you add your own personal touch to the speakers, whether that’s turning them into a design statement or blending them in with your own interior decor. You can even choose your own base grill and top plates to match.

Linn 520 System, £9,250

Linn 520 System

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It goes without saying that covering a speaking in normal fabric won’t do the sound much good. It could dampen and distort, precisely what you don’t want. That’s why Linn’s specially-developed Fabrik is so different. The material protects the drive units but, thanks to the light, open weave, lets the music flow through flawlessly.

All too often high-end audio gets associated with big, metallic blocks, normally for good reason. When all you’re after is perfect sound, who cares what it looks like? If you’re not an audiophile however, you could be forgiven for wanting speakers which actually look at home in your home. Thanks to Linn, that’s now all the easier.  


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