1920s Revival: Reliving the Jazz Era

Art Deco designs, flowing champagne and brilliant extravagence, the roaring twenties are back in style

Between Art Deco refurbishments, champagne fuelled speakeasys and the triumphant return of 1920’s boardwalk style, the jazz era is well and truly in resurgence and, with The Great Gatsby one of the year’s most anticipated film releases and Boardwalk Empire bringing prohibition era America to the forefront of public perception, it’s no wonder. The sheer decadence and hedonistic lifestyles of the rich and famous along with the timeless elegance that thoughts of the period conjure up appeal to even the most reserved of people, the flamboyance attesting to a bygone era of opulent excess.

While recapturing the jazz era in its entirety is an impossibility, nor would it be advisable considering the subsequent great depression, a good number of luxury companies have been using it as inspiration to fuel their latest products, styles and events. With the affluent lifestyles presented, it’s the perfect theme for the industry to take to heart, an idea not lost on London’s oldest tailor.

Founded in 1689, Ede & Ravenscroft specialise in fine formalwear, embracing everything from tailored dinner suits to ceremonial robes. Catering for the highest echelons of society including royalty and judiciary, their traditionally made and masterfully crafted clothes are the epitome of their craft. However, parliamentary robes and bar wigs aside, they also do a stunning variety of phenomenally designed menswear that is both casual enough to wear daily yet the right side of formal for the evening.

Having gone through the period themselves, Ede & Ravenscroft have taken inspiration from the upcoming Great Gatsby adaptation and, using their menswear show just how to achieve the 1920’s style that is returning in force. Whether more a fan of Nick Carraway’s style with a windowpane check single-Breasted weekend jacket or want to go dressier with a Black Peak Lapel Dinner Jacket, complete with bow tie, in appreciation of Gatsby himself, the whole range is impeccably hand-made to the last stitch, exuding not just the style of the period but the innate quality of such as historically important tailor.

In a time of decadence, the more jewellery one wore the better. With that in mind, the resurgence of the 1920’s means it’s the perfect time for large, exquisitely bejewelled rings, earrings and necklaces and, with bold shapes and large stones a particular favourite, Boodles have the perfect selection. Their vintage emerald pieces are large, flashy and bound to be noticed, while their flawless craftsmanship can be seen in every detail, from the sharp cut of the centrepiece stones to the settings of the many diamonds. Every aspect exudes opulence and the exclusivity of the master jeweller in a design in tune with the Art Deco aesthetic of the period.

Of course, when you look the part of a prohibition era socialite, you need somewhere to go that matches your personal glamour, somewhere that emanates the elegance of the period. With that in mind, what better place to relive the roaring twenties than a hotel that not only lived through the period but has the substance and style to match?

Having originally opened as The Midland Grand Hotel in 1873, what is now the St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel is embracing the jazz era in its entirety. Come Friday 17th May, the stunningly luxurious building will be playing host to a raucous evening of jazz, food and champagne. Inspired by an original 1920s menu found within the hotel’s archives, the event will offer a glimpse into the glamour and decadence of the era in all its glory.

As an event of this stature wouldn’t be complete without a consistent flow of champagne, guests will be greeted with a glass of Perrier-Jouët Belle Epoque 2004 prestige cuvee, a choice fitting for the evening seeing as the Art Deco era being emanated was inspired heavily by the Belle Epoque period. It also helps that it was the favourite champagne of the legendary designer Coco Chanel, a reference which the staff uniforms on the evening will play up to. While important, the champagne is of course not the only indulgence on offer, with fine French cuisine taken from the rediscovered menu and combined with The Renaissance hotel’s typical flair and creativity. To round off the atmosphere, the jazz movement that lent its name to the era will be brought to life by musician Alan Short, one of the most renowned jazz musicians on the circuit.

Though decades past, the spirit of the 1920s is one every person can identify with. A time of wealth, indulgence and dazzling radiance, while it may be a hopeless task to try to turn back time, with the right clothes, fittingly extravagant jewels and an atmosphere to match, Jay Gatsby’s dream of unending brilliance is not as impossible as it seems.

For more information on The Revival at the St. Pancras Renaissance, contact bookingoffice@renaissancehotels.com and quote 'The Revival'


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