Globe-Trotter SS17: Stylishly Sixties

Charles Edwards-Freshwater (Online Editor)
The new collection from the iconic luggage maker

In many ways the 1960s were the golden age of aviation. A more romantic time when taking a trip meant dressing in your best and experiencing a level of service that we rarely see today, flying first class was a world of oysters and caviar, beautiful air hostesses that had learned your name before the flight and a journey that was nothing less than sheer perfection from start to finish.

Globe-Trotter has an archive of suitcases from throughout the years which provide a constant source of inspiration, allowing the brand’s designer, Charlotte Seddon, to draw design details from pieces of the past creating new aesthetics for future collections. Recently receiving a spectacular case from Hilary Farish, a BOAC Air Hostess who flew during the very height of this golden age, Seddon was instantly inspired by the sixties glamour and incredible story that the case held, making it the perfect inspiration for the recently launched spring/summer 2017 collection.

globe 1

Noticing that throughout their archive many of their cases from the sixties, seventies and eighties had a similar aesthetic, what particularly struck Seddon during the design process was the inside of Hilary Farish’s case; a myriad of travel stickers from hotels all over the world, instantly providing personality and a burst of colour that held a story as inspiring as it was in tune with Globe-Trotter’s own ideals.

A remarkable living history of Farish’s life in the skies, these details from the suitcase inspired Seddon so much that she literally transcribed the sticker designs into appliquéd leather patches and printed linings for the new collection of luggage and leather bags and accessories reinventing the memories of hotels of the past into sleek and fashionable details for a new generation. Many of the hotels have changed names or no longer exist, making every single one of these patches and stickers an exciting glimpse into a lost world of glamour and travel and one that has morphed today into a key part of a set of luggage for a new era of travel.

The exteriors of the new collections when not adorned with these appliqués are directly inspired by the colours of the sixties themselves. From a suave grey colour to a timeless ivory, the bodies of the suitcases balance these understated colours with contrasting hues of marine blue or desert rose, instantly providing that striking style that the era was so renowned for.

globe 2

Once opened up, the core suitcases of the collection directly echo Farish’s own case, the inner lining patterned with hundreds of stickers from all over the world. From Beirut to Bangkok to Rio to Rome, this lining inspired by the original suitcase maps a whole globe of glamorous destinations – instantly letting anyone feel like they are setting off for a true adventure as soon as they open the lid.

As well as being applied as appliqué on the Jet Duffle Bags and other smaller leather items, these eye-catching hotel stickers have also been used as a central part of the design for Globe-Trotter’s accessories for the new season. Coin pouches and passport holders are adorned with stickers recalling establishments of old Jamaica or Hawaii, whilst folio cases and key fobs recall hotels in Chile and Peru, translating Farish’s incredible aviation adventures into a collection that buzzes with the excitement of travel.

Even their Propellor Tote bags have been transformed for the season with the lining printed with a similar flourish of these global stickers as appears in the suitcases. Though vibrant on the inside, the tote bags are understated from the exterior, simply representing the core colours of the collection in a sleek, accessible way without the statement sixties contrast.

globe 3

A striking collection that summons a lost age of soaring through the skies in ultimate style, Globe-Trotter’s SS17 collection is nostalgic and impeccably chic, every single item humming with that passion for travel and adventure that defines Globe-Trotter as a brand. A wonderful new chapter in the brand’s  design history, it is a collection that not only welcomes a new era of beautiful travel luggage but one that keeps the glamour of Farish’s own experiences alive, recalling an age where to travel was to embark on an adventure that was always something special.

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