The Lux Worldwide Father's Day Gift Guide

Father’s day is fast approaching and the difficulty of buying, not just for a man, but for your father presents itself. You could opt for something like a tie or a pair of socks but, let’s be fair, by next year they’ll be forgotten about. You want something that will stand the test of time for its unique nature and the obvious thought and attent...


Lux Launch: Montblanc's Pavarotti Limited Edition

Montblanc are a house of many talents; beautiful Italian leather, Swiss haute horology and a range of accessories of the same discerning make are all well within their remit. Yet Montblanc didn’t make their name with bags, nor even watches. Montblanc’s reputation for excellence stemmed from one area: pens.

Today they’re certainly a master of all ...


Lux Lifestyle: World's Most Expensive

It’s guaranteed that luxury and a high price tag go hand in hand, however sometimes the cost of a creation can be truly astronomical. Whether it’s the finest supercar or the most beautiful property fitted with almost unheard of technical innovations, we look at the most expensive creations in the world that will leave even the healthiest of bank...


Lux 10: Historical Epicureans

Though the luxury market expands every year, the luxury lifestyle is nothing new. Throughout history men and women have become renowned for their decadent tastes and lavish lifestyles. We have compiled a selection of the ten individuals who we think have made a significant impact on either history or the current luxury landscape with their epicu...


Montegrappa Bespoke

Distinguished men recognise the value of the finer things in life. Just as one would make a first impression based on an initial verbal exchange, so too would external factors come into play when making an assessment. In spite of economic downturns, bespoke items continue to excel for this very reason.

Sophistication is a continued craft of impro...


Celebrating Chinese New Year

If the gradual build-up of decorations around Chinatown and banners proclaiming ‘Gong Xi Fa Cai’ didn’t illustrate it already, Chinese New Year is almost upon us. With a sky alight with fireworks, the year of the horse will transition to that of the goat (or sheep, depending on who you ask), and a year symbolic of cheerful kindness will move int...


Frost of London's Facelift

To be one of the most impressive boutiques on London’s Bond Street takes more than a little work. Not only must you have the luxury brands that draw the area’s exclusive clientele in abundance, you must have a space befitting them, an environment which echoes the excellence it holds.

With its collection of striking watchmakers and high jewellers,...


Gentleman's Christmas Gift Guide 2014

Gentlemen deserve something more than the obligatory socks this Christmas, no matter if they've been naughty or nice. With fashion and men’s gifts becoming ever more accessible and options spanning from the world of horology to sartorially sleek accessories, no one can pretend that men are hard to buy for any more.

Huntsman: Burgundy Cashmere Kni...


Montblanc: Complimentary UPS Delivery on Orders Over £50

If you purchase something over the price of £50, Montblanc will give you the UPS delivery for free. 

Now celebrating their 90th year, Montblanc are a true icon in the luxury product market. Consistently producing quality products, each item from Montblanc bears the snow-capped peak logo with pride. From the world famous Meisterstück fountain pen...