In any business or avenue, searching for quality often leads us to history. Before committing to a contract, a purchase or an agreement, we will look to the individual or company’s background to surmise how reliable they are. In the case of Richard Mille, their first watch is a clear indicator to the type of designer they are. Launched at the turn of the millennium, the media waxed lyrical about the RM 001 Tourbillion as the “dawn of a new era in watchmaking”, providing a conclusive insight into the calibre of Richard Mille.

Richard Mille’s designs are a world of juxtapositions. Rigid yet flexible, cutting-edge yet classic, these timeless designs have elevated the company to unforeseen heights in the watchmaking industry. The level of commitment behind each piece is stunning; gear trains are analysed to enhance the energy balance, intricate diagrams are studied by the craftsmen to create astute replicas of original sketches, and winding solutions are frequently revamped to increase the accuracy of every single timepiece.

Pens of the Future, Now

To a fair few of us, pens are a bit of an outdated concept; when even books are being transformed into 1s and 0s, it’s little surprise many of our wrists are unused to the hard graft of handwriting. It’s no surprise then that many pen manufacturer...

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Richard Mille don’t do subtle. And why would they? If you’re a fan of the rather unique watchmaker the chances are you don’t like them for their reserved, unassuming elegance. No, Richard Mille go a very different route… one dedicated to impact.

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